Mommy Chat: Thoughts on the RH Bill – Part II

By Dr. Daisy Joy E. Torina


I am amazed at how anti-RH Bill groups interpret the Bill to be pro-abortion. I have read the Bill and in no way does it make abortion legal. It does not say that health care providers can perform abortion on women who want to terminate pregnancy. It only mandates health care providers to extend care to women who have had an abortion much like the way the Hippocratic Oath requires doctors to extend medical assistance to those who need it. And anyhow, abortion can either be intentional or non-intentional. If a pregnant woman comes to the hospital bleeding profusely, does humanity not dictate the health worker to do what he can to save her whether the bleeding be secondary to intentional or non-intentional abortion? Would the RH Bill detractors rather that the doctor withheld medical aid to a mother who is bleeding to death because of intentional abortion?

Abortion is illegal in the Philippines. I have seen how obstetricians in training badly treat women who intentionally had an abortion and not just because abortion is illegal but because it is morally wrong. Doctors are pro-life. They never induce abortion. What they do is perform a procedure called dilatation and curettage (or raspa as people would call it) which removes the fetus that the mother or some other person without a conscience has already killed, in the attempt to save a mother from bleeding to death or from infection that is just as fatal. It is a task that the doctor does not want to do, but as the mother is either bleeding profusely or having chills from high grade fever, he does it anyway (much like a priest hearing a despicable confession but listening and granting penance just the same). I have observed many times over, before performing the procedure, the doctor subjects the mother to a great deal of humiliation, scolding and even cruelty. The treatment is almost inhumane, it could make an observer cringe (but if you hear the stories about how far these women go to terminate pregnancy, you would be furious as well!) If you were a woman who had deliberate abortion, the experience would make you think twice before ever having another one. But if you were a woman who deliberately killed your own baby, that is a very small price to pay. Abortion is murder and the corresponding punishment should be just as harsh.#