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‘Money’ or Manny?

In My Eyes: by Edward B. Antonio

Floyd Mayweather is called “Money Mayweather.”

He loves money more than Manny (Pacquiao).

He loves money more than God.


Because he never mentions God in his victories or in his speeches or in his fights. His two eyes have money signs on them.

Floyd also loves his track record (47-0, 26 KOs) that he doesn’t like it tainted. He wants to retire undefeated even though his retirement will be smeared with hate comments on his wall for being scared in fighting Manny.

“I don’t mind being a rich coward,” he says.

But he doesn’t mention that he is coward in many things.

He fears being bullied by Manny atop the ring.

He fears Manny’s vaunted left and right hooks, foot speed and lightning-quick punches.

Boxing stalwart Larry Merchants says of Manny’s punches: “They are so quick that his opponents barely see them coming.”

Floyd fears unorthodox boxers like Manny because he is oriented to fight right handed boxers only. He says he doesn’t care about the money as long as he doesn’t risk his health and limbs atop the ring.

Floyd, a five-time division world champion, says that by being a “rich coward,” he is able to provide a better life for his family.

“I laugh about it. I really laugh about it because I say, you know, I don’t mind being a rich coward. I’m able to put my kids in the best schools. I was able to retire my mother. I’m able to put my dad in a comfortable position. Even with social media and everything, we don’t like Floyd, we hate Floyd, but we follow Floyd to comment on Floyd,” he says.

This means that he hates money if the bout is too risky. He doesn’t really mind if people say he is scared of Manny. Manny is such a dangerous opponent.

This is the reason why he bungled a $120 million offer from a UAE’s Makbar Muhammad, president and chief operating officer of Akbar Productions LLC, for Floyd to fight Manny in Abu Dhabi. For this, he pulled off the table the offer saying: “We want to deal with serious individuals, individuals who have the ability to make a decision.”

The real problem with Floyd is actually he talks more like trash. He cannot bridle his tongue when he needs not talk, then talks and talks when he needs not do so. He is like a fool who talks first then thinks later and then decides at once when he should be thinking and talking first.

Manny is of a different breed, exactly the opposite of “The Money.”

He says he wants the bout to happen not because of the money but because it’s a fight the boxing world wants to see. The people deserve to see the best in boxing. They like to see two great champions atop the ring and find out who really is the “real king.”

“Money is not the issue. Drug testing is not an issue. The issue is whether he has the guts and balls to fight me,” Manny says.

Why is Manny the opposite of Floyd?

Manny has a God. He loves God more than anything else. He preaches His words whenever he has time. Manny is also a loving congressman to his constituents. As a boxer, he pities his opponents once they are battered.

But lately, things have become brighter with the intercession of the boxing promoters.

The target date is apparently May or June 2015 and as per Mayweather himself, the American wants specifically the May 2, 2015 date. If the Cinco de Mayo weekend date will be taken by Mayweather-Pacquiao, it will most likely move the planned Miguel Cotto vs. Canelo Alvarez bout to a later date in 2015.

The date remains a mystery but it will be set either “May or June” and that a deal could be reached in “seven to 10 days,” according to a media source.

“Mayweather seeks a 60-40 split in his favor and Pacquiao expressed willingness to meet that,” reports say.

But Manny says he doesn’t mind if the purse is 60-40 with him getting the 40. What matters most is for Floyd to sign the contract and fight him.

The fight, which is expected to go down as the richest ever in the sport, could also see rival networks HBO and Showtime working together to televise the historical clash with Pacquiao and Mayweather still under contract with their respective networks.

But when will Floyd sign the contract?

When will he stop talking trash?

“Floyd has nowhere to go except to fight me,” Manny says.

Manny is wrong.

Floyd can also hide inside his fear and not fight Manny, after all. He can play the “rich coward” and still be rich with a spotless record.

He can play dead so that the grizzly bear won’t tear him down.

He can do anything ala-yoyo style in order to avoid the clash.

Then we can call him “Gayweather.” Floyd cannot make up his mind like a lady that his other name nowadays comes to be called “Gayweather.”

And unless he stops talking and lets his hands do the signing, the world has yet to see the greatest and the richest bout in world history.

Then it will be “Money” vs. “Manny.”

It will be bad champ vs. good champ.

Who will be chomped?

Let’s wait and see, fellas.#