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Much ado about Poe et al

In My Eyes
By Edward B. Antonio
I do not know if the present blah-blah-blah versus Senator Grace Poe is only a political strategy out of her rejection of the vice presidential candidacy under the Liberal Party.

But that’s how the self-styled canto boy elders in my place speculate in their early evening caucuses (which lasts until midnight) while having their street siestas. Their conversations always amuse Mang Maing.

Poe has been a topnotch senator and the way she handled the Mamasapano incident last year solicited ohs and aws from a mesmerized public with her soft, yet wise and imposing voice when she reported what happened in the hearings.

A canto boy elder quipped, “Paano siya di magaling, e Marcos child ‘yan. Anak ‘yan ni Ferdinand Marcos at kapatid ni Bongbong!”

Which brings to my mind a story from the net that was researched by a school paper editor.

The story runs this way: There is a persistent rumor that Senator Grace Poe is the daughter of the late President Ferdinand Marcos and former matinee idol Rosemarie Sonora, a younger sister of actress Susan Roces. According to some old folks in Ilocos, President Marcos had an affair with Miss Sonora, then under Sampaguita Pictures way back in 1966. The two allegedly bore a child, but to avoid a national scandal, the child was passed off as the adopted daughter of Susan Roces and Fernando Poe Jr.

They say that Sen. Grace inherited the brains and charisma of his father. Of course this is just a rumor which Senator Bongbong and Madam Imelda just laugh off as a plain joke.

The issue has been circulating since the Martial Law years and resurfaced during the 2013 senatorial elections. As co-senators, both Poe and Bongbong have joked on the matter, with the former even using the issue as a senate ice-breaker.

The more persisting story nowadays is that she was abandoned at the Jaro Cathedral in Iloilo as an infant in 1968, raised by nanny Sayong Militar, passed on to sugar heiress Tessie Ledesma Valencia and later adopted by Susan Roces and FPJ.

Senator Grace, herself, said she does not think Marcos is her biological father and that she is still searching for her biological parents adding that a DNA test is not needed to prove the rumors linking her to the Marcoses is wrong. It seems like a telenovela, isn’t it? We just hope we’ll get to know the climax soon.

And what climax is that?

Senator Grace has been looking for her parents but her DNA testing with alleged relatives has since proved negative.

Another canto boy elder said: “Paano di magne-negative ang mga DNA testing na iyan e pawang mga palabas lang ang mga iyan. Why won’t they test Bongbong Marcos directly to prove that she is his brother?”

A report said that some reporters directly asked Rosemarie Sonora about the issue but she just kept quiet about it and refused to answer directly.

“Pag mapa-DNA sina Bongbong at Grace, iyan na ang climax ng istorya!” exclaimed the first elder.

“Granting that Grace Poe will not be disqualified, will win the elections and Bongbong Marcos will also win as vice president, then we have a brother-sister tandem in Malacanang!” said the third canto boy elder. “E, magkapatid ang mga iyan, e. Ewan ko ba kung bakit di pa sila magpa-DNA. If they are not hiding anything, why won’t they do it?”

“Then we can say that the Marcoses have returned to power,” said another.

Another elder said: “That won’t happen, friends. President Aquino will help Mar Roxas become the president by hook or by crook because if an opposition wins it, he will surely be tried and prosecuted for his DAP, his Hacienda Luisita land reform failure and for his command responsibility in the death of the 44 SAF. If Binay wins, PNoy will surely go to jail. Binay has always speculated that the administration is behind all those black propaganda against him. If Grace Poe wins, she will be compelled by her political backers who are anti-PNoy to pursue the cases. Kailangang magbayad muna sa mga pinagkakautangan!”

Another listener said: “If both Miriam Defensor Santiago and Bongbong Marcos win, that will be the real return of the Marcoses to power!”


“E, may Stage 4 cancer si Miriam, e. Pag naging presidente siya, siguradong di niya matatapos ang kanyang 6 taon na termino dahil sa cancer na iyan. And who will succeed her? Of course, it must be the vice president, and that’s when Bongbong Marcos will occupy Malacanang as president!”

“Oo nga ano.”

“And when the Marcoses have returned to power, Madam Imelda will reclaim her 3,000 pair of shoes!”

“Susmaryosep, 3,000 pair of shoes! Ako isang pares lang ang sapatos ko, pudpod pa!”

“You have forgotten the 5th candidate, mga kaibigan— si Rodrigo Duterte,” said the 2nd elder. “Pag si Duterte ang mananalo, tiyak, dadanak ang dugo sa buong kapuluan.”

“Bakit naman, aber?”

“Because he said that if he becomes president, he will cleanse the nation through the blood of all criminals like the rapists, robbers, hold-uppers, assassins, drug pushers and manufacturers, corrupt government officials and all illegal traders!”

“Aba, gusto ko iyan. Mukhang iyan na lang yata ang di pa nagagawa ng lahat ng mga naging presidente mula noong mapalayas ang mga Marcos sa Malacanang,”

“I also like that, I think we need an iron hand to discipline this nation.”

And so the blah-blah-blah continued ‘til near midnight, fellas, and Mang Maing, patient as ever, would always listen to these discussions.

Before he lay down to his bed, he offered a short prayer:

“Lord, grant me the wisdom to choose the best among them when I will cast my vote. Let Your candidate win, Lord, and whoever that will be, may he or she possess the love that a father of a nation must bestow to his children. May that president possess the sobriety and wisdom of Grace Poe, the daang matuwid vision of Mar Roxas, the compassion of Jojo Binay for the people, the courage of Miriam Defensor Santiago and the cleansing power of Rodrigo Duterte.”