National and provincial government unite towards progressive Ilocos Sur

By Imelda C Rivero, PIA 1, Ilocos Sur

VIGAN CITY – Ilocos Sur can achieve progress with the unity of national and local government units, especially the provincial government.

To solve issues like overlapping of projects in the province by local and national government offices, and other problems in the province related to projects of some national government agencies, there must be a synchronization of the programs, projects and services of both the local and national government, Singson said to the local media last week.

If only the national government agencies give time to talk on their programs, projects and services with him, there would be no problems which would eventually leave a negative effect to the people of the province, especially those on particular sites of projects, he said.

But if there is a regular consultation with him by the national government agencies, there will be clearer view of the projects to be implemented.

The fusion of forces of the provincial and national government as required by the Local Government Code will lead to the development and progress of a locality.

Singson reminded that national government agencies must give their yearly report of accomplishments to the provincial government, or the local government unit. And he reiterated that submission of these reports is not enough. There must be a discussion of these between the national government agency concerned and him, as the head of the province. This way issues can be solved at once.

This is why Singson led the conduct of Project RY, reconnecting with you – enhancing relationship with partners at the Vigan Convention Center last week to establish once again a close relationship between the provincial and national government.

Project RY wanted to review the salient features of the Local Government Code on participation in local governance, and describe the various interrelations and avenues for people’s participation.

Through this project, the provincial government acquired knowledge of, and appreciated the mandates, services, accomplishments, issues and concerns of its different partners .

The camaraderie, working relations between and among government officials and people’s and non-government groups were improved, too.

The interrelations between the national government and local government, among local government units, and local government units and non-government organizations was strengthened in directing and influencing the local development processes, and in crafting new partnership ways between the government and people’s and non-government organizations.#