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NNC RO1 monitors malnutrition in Region 1

Cases of malnutrition in Region 1 has increased, according to a report from the National Nutrition Council. The number of children who are severely underweight and underweight in the whole Region 1 have increased to 24,070 while 8,586 are overweight in children who are 0-5 years old. Of this number, 13,412 severely underweight children are in Pangasinan, 3,973 in La Union, 3,435 in Ilocos Sur and 3,250 in Ilocos Norte. Meanwhile, there are 6,035 overweight children in Pangasinan, 1,032 in Ilocos Sur, 916 in La Union and 603 in Ilocos Norte.

The National Nutrition Council in Region 1 find this quite disturbing because whether the children are underweight or overweight is still considered a sign of malnutrition.

Recently, Nutrition Program Coordinator Ma. Eileen Blanco has explained that the increase of malnutrition in the rehion especially the overweight can be attributed to the present lifestyle. She said that the children are not playing physical games anymore as they are frequently in front of their gadgets and at the same time munching junkfoods.

In view of this, NNC has coordinated with the Regional Organization of Nutrition Development Advocates composed of members of media to become part of the campaign to change this lifestyle.

One of the programs of NNC and RONDA this year is the dissemination of information to the parents especially the nursing mother to breastfeed her child for six months and giving her complementary food while continiously breastfeeding her child for two years, exercise and propagate the planting of malunggay which is called a “miracle food”.#

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