Put the baby to the breast immediately after birth and allow baby to remain with the mother.

Mother could either sit or lie down when breastfeeding. The position while breastfeeding should not make the mother feel tired.

Mother should hold the baby close enough to her body, supporting the baby’s neck and shoulder.

Mother could place the nipple on the baby’s cheek. This will make the baby turn and look for the nipple and grasp it by the mouth.

Mother could help the baby get enough milk by placing the baby’s lower lip toward the base of the areola. This assures that the nipple is at the center of the baby’s mouth.

Mother should offer both breasts to the baby one after the other at each feeding time, allowing the baby to suckle on each breast for about 5-15 minutes. For the next feeding time, mother should start feeding on the breast last used by the baby. If the baby is satisfied after feeding from only one breast, mother should express the milk from the other breast. She should start feeding on this breast at the next feeding. This will ensure equal suckling and emptying of both breasts.