NUTRITION CORNER: Benefits we get from milk

• Milk is widely used as beverage, coffee whitener, and in cream soups, white sauce for creaming vegetables and meat.

• Two types of cheese widely available in the Philippines are the native cheese or “kesong puti” and the cheddar made from imported ingredients.

• The native cheese or “kesong puti” is actually a semi-soft cheese with water content of about 52% and made from carabao’s milk.

• Condensed milk is similar to evaporated milk but has about 42% sugar added before evaporation. The large amount of sugar added dilutes other nutrients that condensed milk can not meet the requirements as adequately as whole milk.

• When there is no available milk, FNRI suggests that a mixture of three tablespoons of condensed milk to a cup of water may be given to children over one year old, as long as they get enough of other foods.

• Butter is a milk product from ripened cream which is churned until butterfat separates from the buttermilk. Margarine is made from vegetable oils which are partially hydrogenated to produce the desired consistency and to resemble butter.

“Buto at ngipin patibayin, gatas ating inumin.”#