NUTRITION CORNER: Cut fruits and vegetables and nutrition loss

We should store fruits and vegetables like apples, oranges, grapefruit, potatoes and other produce with the skin, rinds, and peelings intact. We should remember that once the protective peels or coverings of fruits and vegetables are cut, the fruits and vegetables begin to degrade and lose vitamin C.

It may take up to five or six days for nutrient loss to occur if the cut fruits or vegetables are stored in the refrigerator. After this period, cut fruits and vegetables will lose 10 to 25 of vitamin C and carotenoids.  At about this time, cut fruits begin to spoil and become unusable. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, cut or peeled vegetables will lose about half of their vitamin content in one to two weeks.

We should not wait until the last moment to cut fruits and vegetables for our salads, but it must be a must to store them in air-tight containers in our refrigerator.

We must use freshly cut fruits within two or three days, and freshly cut vegetables within four or five days to get the most flavor and best texture.#