NUTRITION CORNER: More than half of Pinoy buyers don’t read food labels

More than half of Filipino households do not read labels when buying processed foods. Only 35.0 percent do. The survey done in 2008 by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (or FNRI) of the Department of Science and Technology revealed this fact.

Among the households who read food labels, 46.0 percent were looking for expiry dates and 45.8 percent on nutrition facts or nutrient content in the label.

A food label provides information on the product name, ingredients, name and address of manufacturer, expiration date, net contents in terms of weight, measure count and nutrition information.

Reading food labels helps consumers in selecting which components of food would contribute to a well balanced diet.

Remember to always read food labels before buying. (Ma. Idelia G. Glorioso/FNRI-DOST S&T Media Service)