NUTRITION CORNER: Ten tips for reducing body weight

Having a normal body weight is a sign of good health and good nutrition. Here are some tips to control body weight.

1. Set realistic goals. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Break your efforts into manageable steps. Concentrate on changing habits rather than on reducing pounds.

2. Follow a sensible eating plan. Don’t succumb to the latest diet miracle plan. There is nothing magical about weight control.

3. Get a move on. Don’t live by food alone. Get enough exercise to improve health and maintain healthy weight. Adults should engage in at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each day to maintain a healthy weight.

4. Expect slow progress. Don’t lose patience. The safest and longest-lasting weight loss is achieved gradually. Gradual weight loss allows your body to adjust physically and mentally to the new you.

5. Fight boredom with variety. Don’t eat the same foods every day. Go for flavor with spices rather than fat.

6. Remember: There are no forbidden foods. Don’t classify foods as good and bad.  Allow all foods on your OK list. Just remember, the key words are moderation and variety.

7. Recognize emotional triggers. Don’t ignore the stresses that push your buttons and make you want to find solace in food. Once you recognize and accept these triggers, find nonfood ways to sooth your emotions. A brisk walk or bubble bath can do wonders for frazzled nerves.

8. Celebrate! But don’t make food the reward.  Plan rewards for weight maintenance as well as weight loss.

9. Commit to yourself – don’t diet for approval. Dieting to please someone else sets you up for failure, especially when their applause isn’t as loud as you’d hoped.

10. Everything wonderful about you exists no matter what size you are. While a diet can improve your health and appearance, it won’t transform the circumstances of your life. It may, however, help you build the psychological skills and self-esteem you need to tackle troublesome issues.