NUTRITION CORNER: Vegetables are effective for fat loss

Vegetables make us healthy  because of their nutritional value but many of us don’t know that they are effective for fat loss and can also control our weight. Let us take note of the following.

Vegetables are very low in calories. We have to eat 20 large bags of spinach or five heads of broccoli just to equal the calories which we can get from just one cup of pasta or one tablespoon of butter.

Another example: grilled vegetables and shrimps are a rich combination of fibrous carbohydrates with protein which our body greatly needs but even if your plate is filled entirely with the dish, we can get only around 250 calories. On the other hand, we can get 250 calories just from a small, thin slice of pizza which has almost no nutritional value and contains none of the protein which we need.

Vegetables are rich in fiber which is good for digestion and fat loss as fiber expands in our stomach, and thereby make us feel full.

We can get 8 grams of fiber in just a bowl of spinach.which is about 1/3 of our daily requirement of fiber.

Other vegetable that are rich in fiber include broccoli, green peas and other green leafy vegetables.

And most important, vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals and other beneficial nutrients that help us fight off disease and improve our overall health.#