NUTRITION CORNER: Well-informed moms more likely to breastfeed longer

Researches have shown that a woman is more likely to breastfeed longer if her partner and family members are well-informed and supportive.

In preparing for breastfeeding, it is best to get the husband and relatives’ support on the decision to breastfeed, so the mother and the baby can have a healthy start.

Breastfeeding classes and other nutrition and health promotion activities can help address concerns like teaching mothers the recommended diet, correct positions of breastfeeding, right clothes to wear, what to do with inverted nipples, importance of regular check-ups in health centers or hospitals and where they can get support, among others.

Today, with a growing concern on food safety and security and the threats of natural calamities like strong typhoons and prolonged droughts, breastfeeding ensures that newborn infants get enough nourishment to grow normally and become productive citizens in the future.

Breastfeeding promotion focused on nutrition, health and economic benefits should be intensified among pregnant women to encourage the practice immediately after childbirth.#