NUTRITION CORNER: Will drinking water help me lose weight?

Dr. Demetria Bongga of the University of the Philippines presented studies about the relationship of tea and energy expenditure.

Although there are dissimilar results from the studies, it could be summarized that tea catechin, together with exercise, can reduce the abdominal fat due to the stimulation of the whole body metabolism, making it significant in weight management.

However, caffeine may counteract the health beneficial effects of green tea.

For more practical applications, Dr. Jane Rycroft, Category Nutritionist of Unilever,  pointed out that the milk in milk-tea mix shouldn’t affect the amount of antioxidants the tea naturally has,

Rycroft also said that by soaking the tea bag in a much longer time than what is suggested in the labels can bring out more antioxidants to the water.

Among the many health benefits of tea inctude setting a positive mood, giving pleasure and stimulating the senses, reducing the risk of heart diseases and body fat.

However, the antioxidant-nutrient relationship is still in question. True enough, the science of tea is but an inception and needs further research to strengthen and validate its health benefits.

Nevertheless, no harmful reports have been documented about tea, considering a healthy switch to the second most widely consumed beverage in the world which for generations is a healthy form of hydration. (Jund Rian A. Doringo/FNRI-DOST S & T Media Service)