Objectives of the AB Department

EVERY ORGANIZATION has a goal to realize. Something that makes it worthy. And a sort of feedback.

It’s a mandate, indeed, to list down things to accomplish; without doing such, it would mean topsy-turvy undertaking. And it will surely spell bankruptcy.

Employment after college life is everyone’s dream. Not just an employment but a gainful employment. It may be a satisfying experience to land on a job, but it’s more on economic benefits. The hard life that the people are experiencing now-a-days is a pressure by itself to motivate job seekers to have a decent job as soon as possible.

The longer a man finds work, the harder and more miserable his life becomes.

Hence, UNP Candon especially the AB program tries to develop among its students the needed competence, skills and work ethics. It’s because companies scrutinize applicants; and such gesture is normal.

No company wants to hire anybody who will soon become a liability. He must, once taken in, contribute satisfactorily to the company’s growth and possible expansion.

In other words, he must become an asset.

But how to become one? It always starts from the training school. The school where the applicant was enrolled. The place where he spent his life preparing for his own career.

If the orientation given by the teachers were not that well and strong, say, taken for granted, expect some negative repercussions later. If it will not be too messy, it could shaky.

This is the gist of the first objective of the AB Department:

To develop the students’ competence in their chosen field of specialization necessary for their immediate gainful employment;

Second is “to produce professionals who could think critically, appreciate human values and cultural heritage, develop desirable attitudes and behavior that would make them productive well-rounded citizens.”

Strands of truth are found in this objective. A well rounded education graduate is a well rounded citizen.

What does it mean?

Of course, we don’t expect tomatoes to bear eggplants. What we sow is what we usually reap.

But here is a word of caution. People need desirable values, attitudes and behavior to ensure work well done. A sharp mind does not always guarantee success. Oftentimes, innate human values imbued with wit and determination lead to the spiraling stairs of achievement.

“He who does not appreciate history is bound to repeat it.” Was it George Santayana who said that? The lessons people learn from others’ mistakes, follies and pride form part of the value system.

Critical thinkers are always one or two steps ahead than those who don’t.  And that makes them ahead of the race.

Which do you wish to become: out of these two mythological characters, (are they brothers or twins?) Prometheus or Epimetheus?

One is forethought and the other is hind/backthought.

Lastly, the AB program attempts “ to equip the students with skills and values such as honesty, hardwork and discipline as a foundation for his further training beyond their baccalaureate degree.”

Wherever a person goes after graduation, his Alma Mater goes with him. It’s just like his shadow following him, for eternity.

Hence, it is the ardent prayer of the stakeholders that the motto: “Honesty, Humility and Hardwork” shall always be displayed. Especially so, UNP now is at the helm of the 11 SUCs in the Philippines. To be particular, UNP is the sixth best performing higher educational institution in the entire Philippine archipelago.

Kudos then to the ever dedicated, workaholic visionary, the incumbent president: Dr. Lauro B. Tacbas. #