On Accreditation

The buzz word now-a-days among higher educational institutions is not tuition fee hike, nor the incumbency of the sitting president. It is accreditation.

This puzzles and challenges educational luminaries, experts and administrators. How important is accreditation to them? To the academic community? Oh, much pussy things have been talked about it.  And still, many doubt its urgency and significance.

But what is accreditation? Is it a nicer term for quality education? Try to recall some big names in the educational field and you will surely nod in acquiescence.


All through out the Philippines, State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) as a part of their thrust to improve the four fundamental functions of an educational institution, especially in the tertiary level, are mandated to undergo rigorous process of accreditation. To embark of  this educational requirement is synonymous with the word sacrifice and quality education.

Whenever we hear the word quality education, foremost that springs in our mind is universally accepted norms of instruction. In here, we are shown with criteria that an institution must meet. Attached to that responsibility is the time frame that one must work out things properly. Any school undergoing the said process must beat deadlines, otherwise, all efforts would be considered nil later on.

The University of Northern Philippines Candon Campus is not exempted to this challenge. To keep itself afloat amidst the sea of uncertainty and ever-changing policies, it must present itself to “scrutiny’ or ‘check-up.’ A diagnosis must be made so that proper medication, attention and effort will be given.

Let’ talk about the Vision of UNP as a system which serves as a guide in the realization of its mandate. The well crafted vision runs like this:

The University of Northern Philippines envisions itself to be a pioneering Center of World-Class Excellence for

a.  instruction in the humanities, the arts, and the sciences;

b.  functional scientific, social and technological researches;

c. relevant extension services; and

d.  quality production towards empowerment of graduates for sustainable development

The University of Northern Philippines is the oldest State University in Region 1. It was established in 1965 through RA 4449, converting the Ilocos Sur School of Arts and Trade into its present name, UNP.

Being the premier school in the North, UNP is tasked to cater to the needs of the community – the business, health, and service industries, the academe, and even the needs of the foreign firms.  Hence, the vision is anchored on the promotion of world class instruction, what would give our graduates competitive advantage over other aspirants; functional researches and relevant extension services that respond to the needs of the clients and of the community; and quality production that would enable our graduates become productive partners in the economic progress of the nation. With all these insights, UNP, for sure will continue to stand proud and aim gigantic strides along sustainable development.

UNP is a center of so many centers of excellence. Not only in Instruction, but also in Research, Extension and Production. In the Region, UNP provides offices to these centers. This is a manifestation that our university lives to the promise of envisioning itself as a pioneering center of world-class excellence along various programs and projects. Hence, nobody would contest that UNP shines above the other universities in the country.

When one enters UNP’s premise, his eyes would never miss looking at the inscribed list of centers of excellence. Side by side with its motto, Humility, Honesty and Hardwork,  UNP keeps on focusing on the essentials. Behind all these dreams are solid and tangible proofs – the graduates holding the torch.  

This 21st century is another challenging and trying milestone for UNP. The branching out of  UNP outside the Philippines is a metamorphosis by itself. Where in heaven can you hear another university extending its services to other races? I doubt if there is a buddy of UNP along this aspect.

To cap, UNP does not only envision, it also lives by its mandate. Hence, the name of UNP is far-reaching and its echoes goes beyond one’s memories and expectations.*