On Linkages and OJT

Anthropologists and sociologists always claim, “No man is an island.” Because he is not all-sufficient, man needs other people to survive. His interaction with his fellow human beings will eventually spell out his very existence.

Man’s life revolves around other people’s lives. He can’t leave the forces of gravity. He needs to stick to them.

Like any other institution dreaming to engage itself with partnership and linkages, UNP Candon struggles to meet this millennium challenge. That’s why the third goal of our dear alma mater is anchored on networking favorable and leaning towards the students. Priority is always focused on students’ development. Corollary to this, the first hand experience that every student derives in his on-the-job-training is a mandate that UNP Candon never overlooks.

Read the following statement (the third goal of UNP Candon) and you will nod with approval that the thesis of my column this time is banked on the well-being of the students.

Establishment of strong and sustained linkages with educational institutions as well as business industries, health institutions, government and private agencies as partners in the development of students through their on-the-job-trainings.

Internship. On-the-job-training. Deployment.

These are some of the more common terms we encounter when we deal with graduating students. In various industries, i.e. banks, cooperatives, government offices, clinics and hospitals, schools, courts, you name more, you will always see students in their uniforms performing tasks assigned to them by their critics, superiors or any other personnel.

This is not surprising because the institution where the students belong will always endeavor for their trainings and preparation for future job landings.

In the world of work, these students are oriented with the virtue of responsibility. They are not there for a vacation; worse, they are not accidentally placed there doing nothing.

Just like an ordinary employee, the students undergoing on-the-job-trainings must equally follow rules and regulations. They must observe protocol, chain of command among other virtues.

Meaning, the place where they are deployed are actual worlds of work.

Let us talk about student teachers. UNP Candon dreams of graduating education students with the caliber of an effective and efficient mentor. That, they may become the real backbone of our educated citizenry.

Even without a laboratory school for the BEEd and BSE students, this is, without prejudice, compensated with their early deployment to different public schools in the Divisions of Candon City and of Ilocos Sur.

During the first semester, as these student teachers observe their critics teachers execute different lessons, they are likewise given the opportunity to ‘pitch in’ classes; hence, they actually experience the very nature of the teaching profession ahead than those with laboratory schools.

The ever-supportive teaching staff recognizes this need of future teachers. When viewed properly, this assignment is a preparation and training by itself. It is more than OJT, so to say. It’s because, these practice teachers are sometimes left unguarded by many critic teachers who happen to report to their superiors in the district or division.

Thus, the real tasks of real teachers are switched to the shoulders of these interns. They, for sure, will profit from this independence and trust.

Now, who says that our products (graduates) are ill-prepared and half-baked? They, who say so, belong to the pack of mongrels who know nothing but themselves.#