NORTH STAR: The pulse of desire

The last ten years has seen the rise of publishers coming from outside “imperial Manila.” Some of them are affiliated with university presses, while others are run by young, maverick publishers who want to lob… Read more »

SINURSURAN: Ti pungtot

AGTARTARAY, iti maikadua a gundaway, iti kinaama ti barangay ti ama ni Ma’am Esther. Maysa laeng ti kalabanna iti dayta a puesto. Natalek ni Ma’am Esther a mangabak pay laeng ti amana ta pagaammona ti… Read more »

IN MY EYES: Firing range

Corruption. That’s my topic this time, fellas. Corruption’s simplest definition is dishonesty for personal gain. What’s RP’s rank when it comes to corruption? In 2016, it ranked 101st in the world. In the same year,… Read more »