imyeyes-banner-sqIn My EyesBy Edward B. Antonio

Ordering online? Think again…

I don’t know how to start this, fellas.

I’m still sore.

This 2019, I became obsessed with ordering online. Because of the heightened PNP alert in accosting motorcycle riders, I thought it would be best to buy our helmets from the “best and cheapest” market, and that’s online. One day, I ordered a helmet worth P800 including the shipping fee. It was a black matte BLD helmet which looked gorgeous and durable. Some of the reviews given were all positive.

It did arrive on time, fellas.

When the courier handed me the box, I started to doubt. The product seemed very light, less than one kilogram. I immediately opened it and whoaaa! It was a kiddie’s helmet. It looked like a biker’s helmet or a laborer’s helmet, the only difference was that it had a tinted visor. There’s no foam inside and it was adjustable like an engineer’s helmet supervising the construction of a building. It was small.

The product did not have any damage but it did not meet my expectation. It was not a motorcycle driver’s helmet unlike the one advertised online.!

A week later, I bought my Huawei Y9 2019 and so, I rummaged over online again for the best tempered glass. I found a dealer selling tempered glasses that suited my taste. When I bought my CP last March, I asked the dealer to mount it with a tempered glass and so the 2 tempered glasses I ordered online became my reserves. One afternoon, I placed my CP near the window for a better signal. While I was closing the windows, the CP accidentally fell down the concrete floor and the tempered glass was shattered. But I did not worry, I had two reserves at home.

 Upon arriving home, I asked my son to charge my CP’s tempered glass. He carefully opened the box.

“Hey dad, these two stuffs you ordered online are both shattered!” he said.


I was disappointed. It was the 2nd time I felt cheated online.

But I ordered once more, this time making it sure I won’t be cheated.

A week later, a Ninjavan courier came to deliver the goodie.

“Before I pay this one, I want to check the inside,” I told him.

“But, sir, once once it’s opened, it’s considered sold,” he said.

I insisted. And true to my suspicion, the tempered glass was again shattered. I called the courier manager and reported the matter. He said I make a report about the matter so they could return my order, which I did. I did not pay a peso.

But not all my orders online were that bad, fellas.

I ordered the following things and they were all in good condition: a computer keyboard vacuum cleaner, fish oil, Vitamin B-complex, a titanium eyeglass shades (2), a Nikon D-3400 DSLR camera (it was P2,500 less than the one sold at Photoline, Bantay, Ilocos Sur), a motorcycle exhaust pipe with silencer for my Honda XRM 125 motorcycle, several motorcycle spare parts for my kids and the last one was a personal hygiene stuff.

I must confess, I usually order with Lazada. But lately, I tried ordering one with Shopee. I was informed by my friends that there are some items in Shopee which are cheaper than in Lazada.

Since our youngest kid has started riding with me when he goes to his Day Care school, I found it wise to order a kiddie helmet. I tried Shopee.

The delivery was super fast. It didn’t take week.

Again, before I paid it (I usually order via COD or Cash on Delivery), I said to the J & T Express courier I would like to see the item first.

And again, the usual lines: “Sir, once once it’s opened, it’s considered sold.”

“No problem about that.”

I opened the box in front of the courier. While we were examining the helmet, something dropped into the floor – a little torque and a black splinter. I could not find the damage. When the courier left, I examined the helmet closer, and there I found the damage. The inside of the front helmet ream was broken.

I called on the number of the dealer (the name was Bea) at 0966-428-8048 which was printed on the item box. It was September 20, 2019, 10:00 AM.

“Hello, can I talk to Madam Bea?”

“Hello, what can I do for you? Bea is out, sir,” was the answer, a man.

“The helmet I ordered, sir, is damaged. The helmet front ream is broken,” I said.

“What’s your order number?” he asked.

“Order number 19091711597NNYU,” I said.

“Okay it’s like this. The replacement will be sent to you in 5 days. When the replacement arrives, just give to the courier the damaged stuff and we will take care of everything, as simple as that,”

I gave my lavish thank and gratitude for the swift action.

Five days passed by and no replacement arrived. On the tenth day, I called on the number. The number would ring but the person would not entertain my call. He rejected all my calls.

I texted him: “If you will not entertain my complaint, I will write report you to the DTI and Shopee and then I will write a column about my bad experience with you.”

Still no answer.

As I write this (October 12), I still feel sore. I texted again the number and I yet to receive any answer. The item I ordered is still with me with all the relevant info of the dealer.

This should teach me and all online customers a valuable lesson: ORDER ONLINE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Not all dealers are sincere. Some are insincere.

To date, I’m still tracing my order in my email inboxes, but to this date, I could not find any confirmation delivery answer to my 2 email addresses. The item lays idle in my cabinet hoping that the dealer with CP No. 0966-428-8048 is still alive and kicking and that one of these days, Madam Bea will answer my inquiries.

Such is my sad story with ordering online.

Any same experience, fellas?