Pangasinan town not keen on mining, fish cage operation to protect salt industry

By: Venus H. Sarmiento, PIA 1, Pangasinan

DAGUPAN CITY, May 20 (PIA) – The Dasol local government will not allow the operation of mining and fish cages in the town to protect its salt industry.

Mayor Noel Nacar said allowing miners and fish cage owners to operate will only exploit the town’s natural resources and could affect the quality of its salt, the town’s primary product.

Dasol’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP), which has been passed and approved, states that no mining and fish cage operations will be allowed in the town.

“Kapag pinayagan namin na makapasok sila (miners and fish cage operators), masisira ang industriya namin ng asin .. sino ang makikinabang, mga mamamayan ng Dasol o mga outsiders? (If we allow them (miners and fish cage operators) to enter, our salt industry will be in danger …and who will benefit from it, those from Dasol or outsiders), “ Nacar asked during the KBP Forum held at the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) last week.

At least six villages in Dasol are engaged in salt industry where a family in each village tends to at least 30 salt beds. A salt bed can produce 2.5 big cans of harvested salt, said Nacar.

Dasol produces two kinds of salt: fine salt and the solar or rock type. By solar, this means the salt is dried or ‘cooked’ under the sun while fine salt is cooked in a big ‘banga’ under wood fire. Dasolenians also produce bagoong and boneless fish in bottles.

“Dasol Bay is clean and unpolluted. We will not allow non-environment-friendly businesses to thrive and destroy our natural resource and the townfolks’ main industry,” Nacar said.

The name of Pangasinan province originated from the words ’panag -asinan’ meaning ‘where salt is made.’#