PGIN shoots TV ad for new I. Norte tourism brand ‘Paoay Kumakaway!’

LAOAG, Ilocos Norte – In its bid to build Ilocos Norte as a premier tourist destination of the north, the provincial government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) through its tourism office filmed ‘Paoay Kumakaway!’ showcasing  the province’s natural and manmade wonders for a TV commercial which will be aired to local and international television networks.

According to Gov. Imee R. Marcos, a TV commercial about the new brand ‘Paoay Kumakaway!’  is necessary since the tourism industry is one of Ilocos Norte’s largest employer as it consistently generated more jobs and revenues for the province in the past two years.

Apart from targeting the mainstream international tourism backyards, the TV ad also aims to divert domestic tourists to travel to Ilocos Norte into actual visit and regain the China market. It could be remembered that numerous cancellations were made from Chinese clients who flock the province each year due to the Luneta hostage crisis in 2010.

“One of the thrusts of the provincial government is to prop up the province, particularly in the area of domestic tourism and we will continue to do promotional activities through various communication initiatives such as this filming of the tourist destinations in the province for TV commercial,” Gov. Marcos said.

Gov. Marcos also added that the new tourism brand ‘Paoay Kumakaway!’ is a consolidation of the must-see places in the province, thus bearing the town of Paoay does not connote that we are only promoting the Paoay Church, the sand dunes, Paoay lake or the Malacanan ti Amianan.  Instead we coined the brand as a total package for travellers who wish to visit the province’s great places to visit.’

Hence after several meetings, the new tourism brand considered Paoay because it is the premier entry point for other tourism destinations in the province as it houses the Plaza del Norte and adjacent to Fort Ilocandia. The two hotels offer a word-class accommodation and amenities.

Meanwhile, Mark Meily, the award winning director of the  2003 Manila film fest best picture ‘Crying Ladies’ which starred megastar Sharon Cuneta, Hilda Koronel, and Angel Aquino directed the ‘Paoay Kumakaway!’ along with wife Lee Meily, also a renowned TV commercial and movie cinematographer.

According to Direk Meily, ‘the outdoors of Ilocos Norte is ideal for both extreme and relaxing escapades. It offers a diversity of adventure that suits personal choice and mood. A traveller, for example, may both go fishing or birdwatching and bask in the serenity of the Paoay Lake or discover the unique allure of the La Paz Sand Dunes on a wild 4-wheel drive ride.’

“I enjoyed every segment we shoot simply because we had the opportunity to see beautiful places and smiling faces, we had great Ilocano foods, and good local talents. It was all fun,” Direk Meily beamed.

Also part of the production team were filmmakers from the Creative Media and Film Society of the Philippines (CREAM) who recently won the Best Picture Awards- New Wave Section in the 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival for the motion picture ‘Pintakasi.’

The commercial which was shot last January 3-6  is expected to be aired later this month or by February in different travel and leisure networks here and abroad highlighted gastro maps, souvenir shop locations, the heritage sites in the province, sports/adventure spots and landscapes, and where to stay in Ilocos Norte.#