PHILIPPINE FLAG AT FUGA ISLAND. Philippine Navy frogmen under the Naval Forces Northern Luzon (NFNL) raised the Philippine Flag over Fuga Island last Aug. 8, 2020. Marine Colonel Simplitius Adecer, Deputy Commander for Marine Operations of NFNL, and the concurrent Commander of Naval Task Force 12 (NTF 12), Brgy. Fuga chairman Melchor Visario, other barangay officials, villagers, teachers and students joined the brave pitch to safeguard the parameters of the country’s sovereign claim. The Northern Luzon Command established on Aug. 7 a Philippine Marine detachment in barangay as part of the Philippine military’s building of defense facilities on Fuga, which will include a sheltered pier, a naval station, and a 20-hectare littoral monitoring detachment, Major Erickson Bulusan, spokesperson of Nolcom said. Fuga Island is a part of the Babuyan Archipelago, the second-northernmost island of the country. It is significantly close to fiber optic cables that connect the Philippines to mainland Asia and is key to the country’s push for better internet and communication infrastructure. (text, photo by Ace Alegre)