Plant Food is Medicine

Source: NNC Facebook
“Some plant foods have special cholesterol lowering abilities due to their soluble fiber. This is because soluble fiber, when combined with liquid dissolves to form a gel that binds to fatty acids. The gel-like soluble fiber will actually bind to the cholesterol in the digestive tract and pull the cholesterol out with it. This lowers your total cholesterol (including the LDL aka “bad” cholesterol) which lowers your risk of heart attack.

Soluble fibers also slows the movement of food through the stomach. The benefit of this is that you feel full longer (and likely to eat less, and likely lose weight). Plus, this prolonged stomach emptying fime causes sugar to be released and absorbed more slowly, which helps regulate blood sugar for those with diabetes.

PLANT FOOD IS MEDICINE – Get your soluble fiber from Mother Nature:
* Fruits and Vegetables
* Oat and Oatmeal
* Beans and Peas
* Barley and Rye