PNP warns public on Salisi and Laglag Barya gangs’ modus operandi

QUEZON CITY – The Philippine National Police (PNP) has warned the public on the modus operandi of ‘salisi’ and ‘laglag barya’ gangs in view of reports that several people have become victims of their trade recently.

The PNP said that the ‘salisi’ gangs prey on their victims in hotel lounges, coffee bars, cafes, and restaurants that are frequently visited by wealthy tourists and businessmen.

The PNP said that the suspects are typically well-dressed, mild-mannered and pose as legitimate businessmen.

Their modus operandi includes approaching the would-be victim and engage him in a serious conversation while a cohort patiently waits until the victim’s attention is diverted or leaves his or her bags and other belongings unattended. Then surreptitiously, the perpetrator or his accomplice takes the unattended bag or belongings and casually leaves the place.

Meanwhile, ‘laglag barya’ gangs rob their victims mostly in provincial/city buses, jeepneys, and even in train stations.

A member drops coins near the victim and as he helps pick up the money, other members rob the victim.#