Police Regional Office 1 tips vs. 鈥榬iding-in-tandem operations

Police Regional Office 1

Tips vs. 鈥榬iding-in-tandem operations


  • Know the location of the police station, barangay hall, barangay tanod outpost or any nearby establishment with security guards from which you could ask for assistance if there be suspicious person/s following you or who want to attack you;


  • Be observant of suspicious persons following you and choose a route where there are a lot of people whom you could call for immediate assistance;


  • Be suspicious of persons consistently following the same route you are taking;


  • 路 If you suspect that the person following you will make a sudden attack, immediately call for help, either from the nearest police station, neighbour or聽 building security guard;


  • 路 It is very important to take note of the person鈥檚 clothing style, identifying marks such as; hair, scar, tattoo; features of the helmet the person is wearing; headgear such a ball caps and the like, which will help the authorities in investigation;


  • 路 Take note of the model, make and type of vehicle or motorcycle they are using, including its colour and other accessories and the plate number, if any. Note also the number of occupants.


  • 路 It is also very important to remember the direction the suspect had taken after following you;


  • 路 If you happen to witness a crime such as 鈥渞iding-in-tandem鈥, observe and stay secured in your position while waiting for the police to arrive, and offer your statement to the investigators based on the incident you had witnessed;


  • 路 The more you feel you are a target of 鈥渞iding-in-tandem鈥, and act as a victim, the easier for you to become a victim;


  • 路 If you receive a threat, do not ignore. Report it immediately to the authorities and give details of any information gathered regarding the suspect/s;
  • 路 Remember that your聽 safety is your family鈥檚 safety as well;


Be alert, remember the hotline numbers of the police station near you or in the place you always pass or visit.