Practice of any profession has its risks, says OFWs in Afghanistan by Jovic Yee


An OFW Journalism Consortium news flash exclusive 

MANILA–A FILIPINO group in Afghanistan has asked President Aquino to lift the employment ban the government is imposing there, saying that the practice of any profession has its own risks.

“Unless the government acts decisively with haste, we will see the exodus of more than 5,000 Filipinos by December,” a group called Filipinos in Afghanistan said in a position paper.

The government has given an estimated 5,000 Filipinos there until December 31 to leave the country.

According to a document provided to the OFW Journalism Consortium, FIA said that there should be an official representative of the Philippine government in Afghanistan to understand the current security and working conditions of Filipinos there.

“Afghanistan might not be an ideal place for the practice of most professions because of the security conditions. However, for some professionals and skilled workers, it is a place where their knowledge and skills are most currently needed,” the group said.

On December 17, 2007, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration imposed a total ban on the processing and deployment of Filipino workers not only for Afghanistan but also for Nigeria, Iraq and Lebanon.

According to the group, there are at least 100 private companies and nongovernmental organizations that employ over 5,000 Filipinos in Afghanistan.

“While security conditions vary from province to province, expatriates in the capital [Kabul] are able to carry on with their daily jobs and try to live as close to a normal life as possible,” the statement said.

Malacañang is only allowing OFWs working at a number of US bases in Afghanistan only up to end of the year. (