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PRO1 intensifies implementation of ‘Kontra Boga’

Photo: Stock photo TNM.

CAMP BGEN OSCAR M FLORENDO – The Police Regional Office 1 (PRO1) has stepped up its continuing drive to control the proliferation of loose firearms, particularly those in the possession of criminal elements including private armed groups.

Out of 341 estimated number of loose firearms, 43 loose firearms to include 8 high powered and 35 low powered firearms were recovered in the region.  For the month of October 2018, a total of 21 police operations were conducted and 24 search warrants were implemented which resulted in the arrest of 42 persons.

Police Chief Superintendent Romulo E Sapitula, PRO1 Regional Director, said the intensified campaign is embodied in PRO1’s implementation of a letter of instruction entitled “Kontra Boga” which aims to eliminate loose firearms issues in the region.

“The operation is in compliance with the directive of CPNP Albayalde to account all loose firearms in the region to remove the instrument of would be killing/shooting incidents. This is also in preparation of the forthcoming election to dismantle private armed groups,” Sapitula stressed.

The principal target of the “Kontra Boga” includes unregistered and unlicensed firearms as well as those with expired or unrenewed license.

Police operations against unregistered firearms involves dragnet operations in crime-prone areas, strict implementation of Oplan Bakal and Oplan Sita, conduct of mobile checkpoint and chokepoint operations, intelligence build-up, and application and service of search warrants. (PR – PNP PRO1 PIO)

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