PRO1’s Anti-Illegal Drugs Operations increased by 690%

CAMP BGEN OSCAR M FLORENDO – The Police Regional Office 1 gained momentum in the relentless conduct of Anti-Illegal Drug Operations in the region. Following the recent relief of 13 Chiefs of Police from the region, Police Regional Office 1 Regional Director, Police Chief Superintendent Romulo E Sapitula lauded his personnel for successfully improving the rate of anti-illegal drugs operations.

From the period of July 1 to 31, 2018, PRO1 has conducted a total of 345 anti-illegal drug (AID) operations, 690% higher compared to 50 operations conducted on the previous month. Out of the 345 operations conducted for the month, 344 of which gained positive results.

The Pangasinan Police Provincial Office (PPO) conducted the most number of AID Operations with total number of 189 AID operations for the month of July, 945% higher compared to only 20 operations conducted for the month of June. A total of 209 AID operations were conducted by Pangasinan PPO, all of which yielded positive results.

At the same time, La Union Provincial Police Office (LUPPO) has improved their anti-illegal drug activities by 471% by conducting a total number of 80 successful AID operations for the month of July compared to only 17 successful operations in the previous month.

Meanwhile, Ilocos Norte Provincial Police Office (INPPO) and Ilocos Sur Provincial Police Office (ISPPO) increased their anti-illegal drug operations by 557% and 720%, respectively.

PCSupt Sapitula regarding the relief of COP’s, “We are trying to improve our efficiency in all fields of the police service. While we do that, we also improve the facilities and everything that our personnel would need to meet all that is expected from them. It is our job to support them through equipment, training and materials and in return, their obligation is to maximize their efforts.”

“We do not only relieve those who fall short of our expectations, but we also give justice to the accomplishments of those who earnestly do their duties and responsibilities by giving them rewards and medalyas,” he added.

PCSupt Sapitula said that, “This is our government’s fight to eliminate all forms of illegal drugs. To do that, the police would continually double their efforts in order to fully eradicate illegal drugs and further improve the peace and order situation in the region.” (PNP PRO1)