MANY State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) are alarmed with the continuing reduction of Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) and the Capital Outlay and Equipment (COE).

This means, lesser money is given by the national government for their operations.

In more precise terms, students suffer.

Perhaps nobody will contest that.

But that is true only to SUCs that don’t do anything productive to harness more resources.

If we try looking at the brighter side of this seemingly illogical move, SUCs are challenged to become self reliant. That, their operational expenses should not always be asked from the government. Instead, they should devise ways and means to become financially stable and capable.

Does it mean that SUCs should increase tuition fees to cut the resources loss?

Or retrenchment of personnel?

In the case of UNP, that is not our customary practice. Rather, a status quo is considered. Our administrators know that a tuition fee hike means more blood and sweat for the students’ parents to endure.

It is putting more pebbles to a sinking ship.

That is why, some income generating projects are initiated. This is what Dr. Ferdinand Lamarca describes: corporatization.

In simpler terms, corporatization means running the affairs of the school especially its physical facilities, like a business. This is to earn more revenue for the school and to provide also the students better and alternative services.

Examples would be allowing stalls to sell their products inside the school premise.

Another is rentals of facilities.

I always see outsiders coming to school and play badminton. Lawn tennis. Basketball.

And I know they pay their dues.

Likewise, chairs are rented one peso apiece. If there are five hundred chairs, then that means additional five hundred pesos in the coffers of the government.

Internet service is a big money earner. Though the wage of an internet operator or custodian can be drawn here still, there is an added amount to the collection for the day.

Isn’t it that the spade of the day is computer access? Well, UNP Candon provides this need. In fact there are more than 20 functional computer units, all connected to the internet. This is entirely different from the computers used in instruction.

One big project that allures students and faculty alike is the one that everybody needs.

Guess what? The food we need to reinvigorate our body

The Open Café here in UNP Candon is a self-service facility. There, we employ three good chefs, a bookkeeper and a faculty manager. Everyday, more and more customers are visiting the said facility to satisfy their hunger and thirst.

These are but a parcel of the many dreams that our beloved campus tries to realize.

That, we are not that greatly affected by the budget cut.

That, we can still manage under pressure our activities.

That, service to the studentry is our foremost consideration.

Now, the concept behind the seventh goal of UNP Candon is well articulated.                                           

Enhancement of production through full utilization of human and capital intensive resources.#