Prosecution welcomes Miriam’s presence in the impeachment court

Deputy Speaker Lorenzo R. Tanada III, acting as prosecution spokesman in the impeachment trial, said they were taking the statements propounded by Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago in Tuesday’s trial to be favorable the cause of the prosecution.

“Why should we be cowered by what Senator Santiago had stated? In fact we take her statement as pushing our objectives,” Tañada said at the press conference following the start of the second week of the impeachment trial.

Senator -Judge Miriam Defensor-Santiago in simple historical remembering of President Estrada’s impeachment trial would have wanted the admission of more evidences and demolished the scheme of the defense.   She even gave her opinion that liberality should reign in the hearing

Meanwhile, Tañada admitted that the defense tactic of delaying the case  has somewhat taken the edge today as the prosecution was prevented from presenting its seven witnesses ready to take the stand.

“The attempts of the defense to tie down Article 2 of the complaint to the mere filing of the SALN will prevent us for getting to the truth.    Article 2 goes beyond SALN. We should be able to connect the dots.  The story that the SALN weaves is not complete without comparing it to the Chief Justice’s Income Tax Returns.  Income, whether from his salary as a government official or from his other investment undertakings must be properly declared.  The rise of his networth  or even assets, without the concomitant increase in his income or liabilities, for that matter, and the proper payment of taxes would be questionable and pierces right through the Chief Justice’s integrity,”  Tañada said.#