Raise your flag

One… Two… Three… and it all began.

It was my 9:30 o’clock in the morning class— my students are all eyes in front of this man, no! I must not decide what gender to utter— listen as he starts to talk.

“Never have I imagined having this opportunity to voice out and bring up the true colors of my heart. Many would disagree, many would talk behind me, many would go away from me and many would probably, unfriend me either hate me or else judge me. These are all expected— that drove me to be silent for years up until a little while. However, I must break the soundless plea of my heart for ‘freedom’ resounds in my mind.

You may see me with boys as neither my friends nor my best friends. You may watch me as I play either basketball or volleyball with the campus heartthrobs. But little do you know, I have dreamt to be part of neither the cheer dance group nor the gymnasts— for I want to express myself— no, I must not, cause expressing my true self will definitely bring me to boos and criticisms.

I have been part of the colorful community with waving flags but I cannot be proud of it because of fear I have drawn in my heart. It is hard— metacognition as they say— thinking about thinking of the people around you. It may sounds overreacting, but you will never understand us.

To cut it short, I must leave those fears of yesterday and live with the joy I must have today. I’m now raising my colorful flag and my unique self— I AM A GAY-MAN.”

The silence remained in the room and tears are slowly dropping to our cheeks. We never knew how his colorful story began, but I am sure that in this story he writes and narrates, he wanted to add some little characters which are us, the setting itself which is in the school and the theme which is ACCEPTANCE— lesson learned is to be loud and proud as a human being raising his own colorful flag. Then, a tight hug from me was given. I never imagined that this opportunity to talk about themselves for a short time in front of the class will be like this, but I am thankful for it became a platform to express their true colors, their true selves.