Random thoughts

*Writing is 10% basics, 90% self-study

*A writer loses his right to write the moment he hates those who his works criticize. To such a writer, his shyness or bigotry to open the floodgates of criticism against his works is an open admission of his own doubts as to the validity of his ideas and techniques thereby denigrating his identity as a writer and comdemning his manuscripts away from the printing ink.

* To read and not understand is normal but to write and not understand is a scandal.

* He talks nonsense but writes in excellence – hey! this is genius transference from erehwon to fingers.

* Truth soothes even as it besots and comes unbidden when trial is most severe but leaves as fast from those who are unequal to its demands.

*Reason is conscience and conscience is the spirit of God in man. He who is reasonable is not even conscious of that force working in himself, for himself and for others as air is inhaled and exhaled with nary a thought of it as the source of life. But conscience is weak to resist the incessant assaults of extraneous desires which man cannot fail to suffer in all his worldly life. It is then that a lonely spirit wings through the rubble and, whether heard or unheard, heralds the majesty of reason.

* An intelligent reader is judgmental on what he reads. Yet, if such intelligence is inert and such judgment is jailed in silence, art loses its vitality to grow and remains ordinary – so ordinary in fact that ordinariness becomes a rule of thumb.

* From the vast sea of men and women who want to be called writers, I can see their dreams wasted and blown away all because of their lack of grit to study.

* We write because we want our ideas accepted by our readers. More than this, we want our readers to act upon our ideas such that writing is in fact leadering and he who cannot accept this dictum has disqualified himself to the calling even before he writes the first sentence of his theme.

* Art for art’s sake is the breeder of psychotics and pedophiles and is incompatible in a developing country such as the Philippines where economic, social and political poverty are the landmarks. Look. The great civilizations of the world trace their decline and downfall to scandalous arts.

* We are a proud race with nothing to be proud of. Yes! What philosophy, what invention, what art, what language have we given the world? Nothing.

* The feminist movement is not a latter-day phenomenon. It actually started with Eve who ate the forbidden apple and succeeded in tempting Adam to eat the fruit with her. Which proves that man is but a gullible plaything to a woman and should start his own masculinist movement, soon and soonest.

* Because a lawyer talks like a priest and a priest talks like a lawyer, their professions should be merged as one. This will lighten the conscience of the lawyer in calling a priest “pañero” and will also lighten the conscience of of the priest calling a lawyer “padre”. Most of all, this will lighten the burden of a client and parishioner by confidentially and confidently appealing to the lawyer-priest’s sense of financial pity and to the priest-lawyer’s sense of moral sympathy. And the judge, now also a priest, and the high priest, now also a lawyer, will each joyfully offer to both and to each other, their absolutions, blessings and comradeship, whichever comes first.

* A good advice is not the monopoly of the wise – why, even knaves and enemies can give a better advice. And advice from those nearest us may be the worst of all due to blind faith or self-interest. If this is so, why seek advice from anybody at all? Why not consult your conscience which is omniscient?

* One’s acceptance of the position of a literary tribute is a public acknowledgment that he has seriously studied and practiced, not in four days and four nights but years of deep scrutiny, the features, types elements, structures and valuational challenges of the art he is called to pass judgment upon, otherwise, his decision will be a mockery to the promotion of a respectable literature.

* I cannot easily believe that a writer who reads so few and far between can write so well and so many. And neither can I easily believe that this is genius per se since a race can only produce one genius in two to three centuries.

* How easy it is to win a position of respect through the strength of money and friends. How fast it is to lose it when ability there is none to recommend.

* The weak seeks vengeance from God and is disappointed. The strong seeks vengeance from the devil and is rewarded. In their final hours, the weak shall accept death calmly.