REGIONAL NEWS: Local official backs death penalty for drug pushers

By Alex Romeo R. Fernandez

One Luzon E-Magazine

DAGUPAN CITY – City Vice-Mayor Belen T. Fernandez has expressed support to the suggestion of the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) Chairman Antonio “Bebot” Villar for imposition of death penalty as punishment for drug pushers.

Death penalty might be an effective way of dealing with drug poblems because drug pushers might get intimidated to continue with their trade if the penalty is reinstated.

The penalty, though, might also be too harsh for people who might be wrongly convicted of the crime, she said in answer to a media query during the KBP forum held at the Philippine Information Agency recently.

It will be recalled that Villar has been campaigning for the same recently.

Villar even challenged the incoming police provincial director to make the eradication of drugs his main priority.

Both Villar and Fernandez noted that the drug trade in Sitio Silongan in Bonuan Binloc, tagged the drug hub of the city, is a problem that still needed to be solved.

Fernandez insinuated that drug pushers in the city might be backed by powerful and influential people, which might be the reason why the problem persists despite the effort of the police to stop it.

Fernandez has been awarded by the DDB last year for her efforts against illegal drugs, particulary her support for the implementation of DDB’s Barkada Kontra Droga Campaign.#