SALAYSAY: Agannad: baka sika ti sumaruno a biktimaen dagiti manangallilaw (Maikanem a paset)

Adtoy ti maysa nga email a naipatulod iti nagsurat a naggapu ken ni Dr. John Eze Okeafor  a napetsaan iti Abril 17, 2008. Awan ti nabaliwan a pasetna agraman dagiti biddut iti grammar tapno adda pamalpalatpatan dagiti agbasbasa no kasano ti modus operandi dagiti manangallilaw.

Dear Friend,


I am Dr. John Eze Okeafor, I am 45 years old married with three (3) children the Bank Manager of Unity Bank Plc Nigeria, I obtained your address particulars from an Internet address listing, and hence I contacted you in confidence on this very urgent and confidential proposition that is of mutual benefit to us all and our children.

On 27th of May 2001, a Foreigner Mr. Mark G. Hopkins an Oil Consultant/Contractor here in my Country (Nigeria) operated a domiciliary Account, which its value is USD$15, 000,000.00 (Fifteen Million United States Dollars) in my branch, without presenting a usual information on his Next of Kin beneficiary, we accepted this due to the fact that Banks are conservative and will always honor a customer's wishes, especially high net worth customers.

For about four (7) years now, we have been looking forward to any vital information on the depositor, but it has been confirmed that the original depositor (Mr. Mark G. Hopkins) has died in London, on making this discovery my Bank has been expecting the relative or next of kin of the original depositor to come up for the claim of this funds, but since no one has turned up for the claim and fund is still sitting in my Bank in the Dormant Account Portfolio, which I have been protecting awaiting the appropriate time to convert this fund for personal utilization.

With the ongoing change in Government here in my Country on the 29th May 2007, I see it as the appropriate time to actualize the arrangement, but this could not be actualized without the help of a Foreign Partner, hence I have resolved to contact you in confidence to work as my Foreign partner as to have this claim processed in your favor, by presenting you as a distant relative of this customer for the immediate transfer of the funds into an Account that will provided by you as the beneficiary, pending my arrival there in your Country for sharing and investment purposes, which will be carried out with your assistance there in your Country.

This call is important due the Banking Law here in my Country, that domiciliary Accounts that have been Dormant for 7 Years, should be revert to the Federal Government Treasury, hence the partnership is essential as I have rehearsed and perfected all arrangement on this, that it is not necessary you come from the same country with him as you will not be required to visit my country.

The method of achieving the objective of transferring this money abroad in your favor as the beneficiary, is completely legal and proper way is simple, we should operate under an accredited Law Firm of this Bank (representing you as BENEFICIARY) to execute a series of affidavits in support of your claim. These will be approved. The money transfer paperwork itself will include a certificate of origin so that the receiving bank does not ask questions or refuse the money as money laundering. Also, the paperwork will include proper certification that the funds being transferred are from non criminal sources. In short this will be a proper and legal money transfer and there is no risk, hence the confidentiality is maintained on your side as the beneficiary to the Estate of the late Mr. Mark G. Hopkins. To actualize this arrangement, from your side as a partner I will require the following details:-







This transaction is guaranteed to succeed without any problems. On the receipt the above requested information, I will give you my complete address,  including phone/fax etc and any further clarifications and step you may require.

I have resolved that the sharing should be thus:- 60% is for me as the Initiator and the Bank Manager. 35% is for you as my Foreign Partner. 5% is for reimbursement of every expense that we may incur in the course of actualizing the arrangement.

Forward your response to this my confidential e-mail:

 ([email protected])

Yours Truly,

Dr. John Eze Okeafor.


Kinapudnona, saan a kabarbaro daytoy a  panangallilaw. Maysa daytoy a klase ti makunkuna nga advance fee fraud. Iti daytoy a panangallilaw, makumbinsi ti puntiria a biktima a mangipaw-it wenno mangted iti bassit a kantidad kas sukat iti agur-uray a dakkel a kuarta a maited kenkuana. Ngem saan a maala ti biktima ti namnamaenna a dakkel a kuarta nga imbanniit ti scammer. Iti udina, mapukawna ti kuartana uray pay ti dayawna!

        (Adda tuloyna)