SALAYSAY: Agannad: baka sika ti sumaruno a biktimaen dagiti manangallilaw (Maikawalo a paset)

Tapno agparang a kasla lehitimo dagiti maisayangkat a lottery, raffle wenno paripa iti internet, agaramat dagiti manangallilaw kadagiti disente wenno nalatak a kompania a kas esponsor. Ngem kinapudnona, saan a manges-esponsor ken awan ti pannakainaig dagitoy a kompania iti lottery wenno sabali pay a kaarngina a sugal.

Maysa kadagiti biktima iti daytoy a panangallilaw ti Microsoft Corporation, maysa a multi-billion a kompania nga agparpartuat kadagiti software  ken aplikasion dagiti  programa iti computer.

Mamatikami a rinibu ti kastoy a surat ti maipatpatulod kadagiti email iti internet iti nadumaduma a pagilian iti lubong ket adu dagiti mamati iti kinaagpaysona ket maengganio ken maawisda   a sumungbat nga agtungpal iti pannakaballaiboda.

Itay nabiit, nakaawatak iti email a naggapu  iti maysa a Mrs. Beth Mood a naiturong iti adrestayo a nangipadamaganna a nangabakak iti raffle a nakadakamatan ti nalatak a kompania ti Microsoft.

Adtoy nga ipablaakmi nga ti naawatmi nga email (awan ti binaliwanmi ken dimi ginaraw dagiti biddut) tapno adda agpaay a pammallaag kadagiti kakailian ken saanda a matinnag iti palab-og dagiti manangallilaw.


From: The Desk of the E-mail Promotions Manager International Promotions/Prize Award Department, Microsoft Corporation World Lottery United Kingdom. 61-70 Southampton Row Bloomsbury London United Kingdom WC1B 4AR.


Reference No:

Batch No: 705649092/188

Winning No: GB8701/LPRC

Winner: NO17


Electronic Email Award Winning Notification Award Presentation Center: United Kingdom


Dear Winner,


MICROSOFT CO-OPERATION MANAGEMENT  WORLDWIDE are pleased to inform you that you are a winner of our  ANNUAL MS-WORLD LOTTERY (MEGA JACKPOT LOTTO PROGRAMME) conducted on: 23th of  MARCH 2008


Your personal E-mail address or company email was attached to this year’s MSWLL.  With Serial Number 7741137002 draw the LUCKY NUMBERS 5-13-33-37-42, and consequently won in the FIRST LOTTERY CATEGORY. You have therefore been approved for LUMP SUMS OF  $1,000,000 (USD ONE MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS) payable in cash credited to FILE REF NO: ILP/HW 475061725/07 This is from the TOTAL PRIZE MONEY of $ 25,000,000 USD, shared among the TWENTY-FIVE (25) LUCKY INTERNATIONAL WINNERS IN FIRST AND SECOND  CATEGORY.

All participants were selected from WORLDWIDE A COMPUTER BALLOTING SYSTEM through our  MICROSOFT COMPUTER BALLOT SYSTEM drawn  from 21,000 NAMES, 3,000 NAMES from each CONTINENT (Canada, Asia, Australia, United State, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Oceania, as part of  INTERNATIONAL “E-MAIL” PROMOTIONS PROGRAMME, which conducted annually for our prominent MS-WORD users all over the world to encourage the use of internet and computers worldwide.

Your fund (certified cheque) has been insured with your  REF NO: ILP/HW-475061725/07 and will be ready for transfer as soon as you contact your claim agent Dr Smith Walker. Your E-MAIL address should be used in all correspondence with your claims officer, Please note that, you are to contact your CLAIMS OFFICER via EMAIL or TELEPHONE as we are promoting the use of E-mail. Also you have the right to call him to confirm your winnings and government tax payment that is all, as he will provide you with the necessary details on how to claim your prize. As part of our  SECURITY PROTOCOL you are to quote this SECURITY CODE MSW/MAY/XX07 to your claiming agent. This is to prevent scam.



EMAIL: [email protected]

TELEPHONE: +447031899742 


NOTE: In order to avoid mistakes, please remember to quote your reference and BATCH NUMBERS and your SECURITY CODE of MSW/MAY/XX07 in all CORRESPONDENCES with your CLAIMS OFFICER. Do not reply any other mails like this on NET, as they are a lot of scam artist out there pretending to be us. You may see mails like this do not reply. Do contact your CLAIMS OFFICER, DR. SMITH WALKER in UNITED KINGDOM.  You will be asked to provide some details and as well let you know the countries of the paying centres and also to enable the OFFICE proceed with your winning  CERTIFICATE and FILE KEEPING..


CONGRATULATIONS, once more from the entire MANAGEMENT AND STAFF of MICROSOFT CO-OPERATION to all our LUCKY WINNERS. Thank you for being part of this  PROMOTIONAL LOTTERY PROGRAM. Our special thanks and gratitude to all the ASSOCIATES for alleviating poverty round the world.







Idi maduktalan ti Microsoft Corporation ti pannakakalam-it ti nagan ti kompania kadagiti loteria iti laksid ti pannakaammona, sumagmamano a bulan nga inwaragawagna iti bukodna a website a saan nga ages-esponsor iti lottery ken kaaspingna a paripa idinto a binallaaganna ti publiko iti saanda a panamati kadaytoy agsipud ta  maysa a  panangallilaw kadagiti tattao.

(Adda tuloyna)