SDS Reinante to teacher-applicants: Trust yourselves, don’t get backers

SAN JUAN, Ilocos Sur — Ilocos Sur Schools Division Superintendent Jorge Reinante exhorted all teacher-applicants to let the legal processes run and not to get “backers” in their desire to get employment at the Department of Education.

This he stressed during the Orientation of Elementary and Junior High School Teacher-Applicants for Cluster I at San Juan National High School here, January 14.

“If you get backers, it means you do not trust yourselves. Magkakautang ka na, lumalamang ka pa sa kapwa mo kaya kawawa sila. Karma is real, my friends,” he said to the 291 teacher-applicants who came from Sinait, Cabugao, San Juan, Magsingal, Sto. Domingo, San Ildefonso, Bantay, Caoayan, Sta Catalina and San Vicente.

He cited instances in his life when he was applying for promotion but was asked to waive two times.

“I was asked to waive to give way to this teacher to get the head teacher position I was also aiming to get, anyway she was about to retire. I gave way. When she retired, I was again asked to waive for another about-to-retire teacher. I gave way again, that’s how generous I was way back then. The more generous you are, the more blessings you receive,” he said.

He said that after these two incidents, he was eventually promoted to Head Teacher III and then to Principal I until he became a division superintendent.

He also advised the applicants to be polite, respectful and honest.

“Be honest at all times. Be honest in filling up the documents required of you especially your address. There are those that in their desire to be employed the soonest, they lie in writing their address,” he said.

He also urged the applicants to dress properly whenever they follow up their application at the division office.

“Respect the office, respect your profession, no backless, no mini, no shorts. If your interviewer speaks in English, answer in English. If he asks you in Tagalog, answer with the same medium. If it is in Ilokano, answer in Ilokano,” he said.

Meanwhile, DepEd Ilocos Sur Administrative Officer Leysan Espejo did the orientation to the applicants by explaining the guidelines in vacancies, verifications, validation of papers, selection, appointment, monitoring and hiring.

“The DepEd is set to hire 10,000 new teachers this 2020, but we still don’t know how many items will be given to our division,” he said.

Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Arnel Doctolero took charge during the open forum together with Division Legal Officer Percival Tan and AO Arcelin Rola. During the question and answer portion, Doctolero enlightened the applicants regarding issues on the rating of applicants, trainings, transfers, demonstration teaching, interviews and the requirements needed for the Registry of Qualified
Applicants (RQA).

“Feel free to come to my office so I can help you,” he said.

Teaching applicants Richard Disierto, Eloisa Viloria and Kristine Lagasca said the orientation helped them a lot in their preparation to apply for a Teacher I position in the DepEd.

“There are many things that we did not know. Dr. Doctolero and Sir Espejo enlightened us a lot,” they said.

The 3 applicants are alumni of the host school. ●