The Secret to Better Health: Eat Real Food

The solution to improve your health and loss weight is often as simple as swapping processed foods for real food.

The term “processed food” refers to those that are chemically processed and made from heavily refined ingredients and artificial additives.

  1. Processed Foods Are High in Sugar and/or High Fructose Corn Syrup
  2. Processed Foods Are Designed to Make You Overeat
  3. Processed Foods Contain Artificial Ingredien
  4. You Can Become Addicted to Processed Foods
  5. Processed Foods Are Typically High in Refined Carbohydrates
  6. Most Processed Foods Are Low in Nutrients
  7. Processed Foods Are Typically Low in Fiber
  8. It Requires Less Energy and Time to Digest Processed Foods
  9. Processed Foods Are Often High in Trans Fats and Processed Vegetable Oils