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Sex pill, anyone?

Many columns ago, I wrote about a sex-enhancing capsule which Mang Maing said was a potent sex enhancer, fellas.

It was called Santi Bovine erecting capsule sold by some health outlets. It was first introduced to him by one of his Chinese businessmen friends. But now, he doubts the drug, whether it’s safe or not.

The reason?

He read some net warnings, fellas, and these warnings have greatly disturbed him these last few days:

Health Canada is advising consumers not to use Santi Bovine Sex Enhancing Capsule. It is promoted for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The Health Sciences Authority of Singapore advised the public not to purchase or consume this product because it contains sildenafil. Sildenafil is a prescription drug used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and should only be taken under the guidance of a health professional.

Unsupervised use of sildenafil by patients with heart disease can result in serious cardiovascular side-effects such as sudden cardiac death, heart attack, stroke, hypertension, chest pain and abnormal heartbeat. Additionally, use of sildenafil may be associated with other side-effects including temporary vision loss, seizure, prolonged erection, headache, flushing, nasal congestion and abdominal pain. Sildenafil should not be used by individuals taking any type of nitrate drug (e.g., nitroglycerine) due to the risk of developing potentially life-threatening low blood pressure.

This product is not authorized for sale in Canada and has not been found in the Canadian marketplace. However, it is possible this product could be purchased by Canadians travelling abroad or has been brought into Canada through personal importation by travellers or purchased over the Internet.

Now, here’s another disturbing news that Mang Maing read and wants to share:

TWO new illegal sexual enhancement products have been found to cause adverse side effects on patients.

They are Santi bovine penis erecting capsule and Zhong Hua Niu Bian, said the Health Sciences Authority (HSA).

The samples of Santi bovine penis erecting capsule were given on April 9 by a patient who was warded for symptoms of low blood sugar. The other product was found in the course of testing seized products.

HSA laboratory analysis confirmed on Thursday that the Santi bovine penis erecting capsule contains high amounts of glibenclamide— a potent western medicine used to treat diabetes.

Consuming too much of it will cause serious harm as it reduces the person’s blood sugar to a dangerously low level, resulting in seizures, stroke, coma or death.

The capsule also contains sildenafil and tadalafil— potent western medicines used to treat erectile dysfunction.

The other product, Zhong Hua Niu Bian also contains sildenafil and glibenclamide— prescription only medicines to be taken under strict medical supervision.

A middle-aged local Chinese man died last week after being in a coma state. He had taken the illegal sexual enhancement drug Power 1 Walnut. The same potent substances, sildenafil and glibenclamide were also found in the drug.

To date there is a total of 30 confirmed cases of serious adverse reactions to such illegal products, with another 59 suspected cases.All patients are men aged between 21 and 97 years old, made up of all races and population.

Almost seven in ten of them are residents while some three in ten of them are foreign workers. Interviews with the patients revealed that they bought the drugs from illegal peddlers located at various parts of Singapore.

To minimize exposure and casualty, HSA has stepped up its enforcement efforts including alerts to healthcare professionals and enhanced collaboration with overseas counterparts like the regulatory

Since Feb 2008 there has been one death and two cases of coma from the total of 89 hospitalised cases linked with the consumption of illegal products claiming to enhance sexual performance.

For me, I’m taking the warning seriously.

How about you, fellas?

Mang Maing says: “I don’t take any of those pills although one of my friends has recommended buying one from his Chinese contact there in Vigan City.”

He says he is living clean and at this age of 50 something, he still doesn’t need any of those pills.

In order to stay sexually active, he shares these tips;

1. Sleep well.

2. Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol.

3. Eat a balanced diet, more on fruits and vegetables and less on fatty meat.

4. Exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes a day.

5. Exercise your brain. Read more often.

6. Unstress everytime. Get a pet.

7. Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday to detoxify your internal organs.

8. Avoid coffee, all soda or cola drinks, fruit juices and sweets.

9. Watch an erotic movie once in a while and

10. Read a good book on sex and discover its wonders.

Any additional, fellas? â—Ź

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