Sick OFW allowed to return to PHL amid P2M in unpaid medical bills

(from an August 15 report by Ramona Ruiz of the National)


DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES—A FILIPINO who was hospitalized and has ballooning debts worth P2 million was allowed to go home to the Philippines.

Jose Elmer Castro had brain hemorrhage due to hypertension in May and was admitted to Cedars Jebel Ali International Hospital here, the National reported.

“His welfare (is) more important than (his) debt,” Castro’s doctors were quoted as saying by Ramona Ruiz of The National.

Cedars hospital director Dr. Guenther Kieninger told the National that “the unpaid bill was ‘substantial’ but the hospital had considered Mr. Castro’s welfare in its decision.”

Kieninger also added that the presence of his family and loved ones, located in San Fernando City, Pampanga  “will help in his recovery.” (