SJNHS students, teachers plant malunggay along hill slope

SAN JUAN – Malunggay, why not? Sixty students and teachers of the English Department of San Juan National High School (SJNHS), San Juan, Ilocos Sur took time to plant malunggay tree cuttings at the northern hillside slope of the school, July 4, in response to Congressman Deogracias Victor “DV” Savellano’s program of planting malunggay in our locality.

Some 60 malunggay trees were laboriously planted to around one-foot deep near the grotto vicinity, the area for development of the English Department headed by Head Teacher Mercedes Viloria. The tree cuttings were brought to school by the Grade 8-Cattleya students through their English teacher, Edward Antonio.

“Malunggay is a nutritious part of the Ilocano diet but people seem to disregard it as a mere poor man’s veggie,” Antonio said.

To ensure that each cutting will survive, Antonio has assigned students to regularly monitor them

“If the tree dies, it should be replaced immediately,” he said. (Edward Antonio)