SOCA of Mayor Ferdinand C. Medina: Proud to be a BigueƱo (Part I)

MOST REV. Ernesto Salgado, Honorable Presiding Officer and Members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod; members of the clergy and the religious; provincial officials; former Gov. Carmeling Crisologo; former Mayor Eva Marie Medina; other former city officials; Department Heads and Division Chiefs; Heads of National Agencies; Representatives of NGOs; our partners in the private sector and the academe; members of the Media; fellow workers in government; ladies and gentlemen:

After another full cycle of 365 days in office, I come to you and in all sincerity I say, every single day has been a testament to the privilege of having your mandate and your confidence in my capability to lead the people of this World Heritage City in attaining its vision!

After two (2) years, my resolve to strengthen fiscal managemenet, food security, the family and faith in ourselves has not waned, rather it is now even stronger. These remain the beacons of our governance and in our quest to make the city of Vigan a fountainhead of inspiration and values.

In this same hall twelve months ago, I reported that we made good in the focal areas of this administration namely: Tourism, Environment, Revenue generation and Heritage Conservation. Today I tell you,

I am proud to be a BigueƱo…

Because we have pushed ourselves to transcend our expectations and become more than mere spectators. We have become pro-active participants and stakeholders in the endeavor to champion the welfare of the BigueƱos.

This afternoon, let me congratulate each BigueƱo for harnessing so much out of their self-reliance and capacity to cooperate with their government. The BigueƱo has come of age. Innovation, ingenuity, and independence are gradually becoming a BigueƱo way of life. We have renewed faith in our collective strengths and our optimism and con-fidence to scale even greater heights.

Allow your servant to highlight what we did for this heritage city of ours.

Through the efforts of our fiscal managers and workers capped by the cooperation of our tax payers, the city continues to generate funds to sustain developmental projects. Our finance committee, duly certified by our city accountant, has reported that last year, we had an income of more than 167 million pesos, exceeding our almost 150 million peso collection in 2004. The continuous increase in revenue stems from real property and business taxes, and income from our local economic enterprises such as the Vigan Public Market which is THE CLEANEST & BEST PUBLIC MARKET IN THE REGION and has THE BEST OF THE BEST CONSUMER WELFARE DESK in the entire Philippines.

Your city government has made as one of its aspirations the creation of livable and vibrant com-munities. This is our commitment. And in fulfilling this pledge, this administration has taken the road less travelled by and has traversed the realm of challenges equipped with optimism and proactive strategies.

[ To be continued ]