SPM Mika to student leaders: Don’t follow what is not right

STO DOMINGO, Ilocos Sur — The heart of the province again spread a portion of her heart, and leadership ideas, too.

Number 1 Sangguniang Panlalawigan Member (1st District of Ilocos Sur) Mikaela Karita “Mika” Singson Mendoza, dubbed as the “Puso Ti Probinsia,” told the 228 student leaders from the secondary and senior high school that they should go against the bad practices of the people they idolize as she focused on the morals of the present generation during the Ilocos Sur Division 13th Leadership Training (Cluster 1) at Lussoc National High School here, Dec. 3.

“Now what is scary is that no matter how strong our morals are if the people we idolize – people we look up to, our own leaders in the society, set such bad examples. We sometimes join the bandwagon and think the same way even if we know it’s not right because we think that our voices are too small to be heard,” she said.

She also said that following such wrong examples will not give them peace and that it’s scarier if they do not let it out, if they do not fight for it.

“I am here in front of you now telling you that you do not need to follow the tide when you know it’s not right, that it’s okay to feel scared but know that standing up for what you know is right will set you free,” she said.

She also shared some of her experiences about morals when she refused to follow herself and then the people around her noticed the difference and then they started following her advocacies.

“The same is true with leadership. Most of the time we overthink the word leadership we think it’s about the big things, the awards, the accomplishments, the one with the most programs, the one with the perfect attendance but really it’s about the small things like spreading kindness and smiles that create a ripple effect. Imagine how simple these are but how big the impact is?”
she said.

She encouraged the student leaders to start doing these simple things in themselves, then in the school and then in
the communities.

“This is where your foundation lies. This is where your moral is,” she stressed.

Mendoza is the prime mover of the Gawad Titong Singson Youth Leadership Congress and Lakbay Kuwento ni Sec. Jesse Robredo, Women’s Congress, the Pinay Caravan and the Solo Parent Congress among others. She currently chairs the Committee on Women and Family Affairs and the Committee on Social Services. ●