State of the Children Report (Last part)

Crime and drugs are the two greatest threats that imperil our children’s safety. In our resolve to protect our children from these dangers, we sought the resources of no less than the National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) to educate our children and our barangay leaders on relevant laws and regulatory measures.

Beyond crime and drug abuse prevention, the young Bigueño was also taught the rudiments of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Law, Anti-Hazing Law and the Law on Violence Against Women and Children.

To intensify our efforts to raise awareness of the world heritage concept in the young Bigueño, Vigan is participating for the very first time in the “Youth on the Trail of World Heritage” project initiated by the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC). The purpose of this project is to twin schools located in different World Heritage Cities.

In the coming months, some of you will discover the Heritage of our twin city – the City of Cordova in Spain.


Are you familiar with that sound? By this time, we all know that it means that it is either time to go to school, go home and go to sleep. Most of you might be unhappy with the imposition of curfew in Vigan but keeping you off the streets from 10 PM – 4 AM is best for you.

In response to a growing clamor from my fellow parents and grandparents – our city council responded with the youth code of 2005 and computer games ordinance of 2005 directing all owners and operators of computer shops and centers, bowling alleys and pools, billiard halls and other recreational establishments within the city to observe the specific rules regulating the entry of minors and students.

To equip the young Bigueño, especially our out-of-school youth (OSY), with practical skills for employment opportunities, we strengthened our linkages with the Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA). The young Bigueño is taught how to drive, how to repair home appliances, and bartending.

The heritage that we continuously seek to protect is not only the ancestral houses that has become a trademark of Vigan, but also the rich culture of the Bigueño. Therefore, to effectively nurture this, we endeavored to include the traditional industries such as abel weaving and burnay making in the curriculum of our public high schools.

We have just begun and because of our sincere and pro active resolve to pursue even better things for you, we have gained positive results. Seeing you contented, living decently and loving life, your city government shall maximize all means to keep you knowledgeable; to keep you safe; to keep you warm; to keep you healthy and to keep you happy, always with a smile.

And for our effort to put the Bigueño child above all, we have reaped the reputation of being the Most Child Friendly City in the Region!

Ay-ayatek unay nga ub-ubbing, you are the inspiration of this generation’s proud Bigueños. Live to the fullest and learn. We shall always be by your side to make life easier for you.

Let me emphasize that your city government not just listens to you, it cares for you. We care for the young Bigueños, thus I declare:


Thank you and good afternoon.