Stop turtle paced approach to economy, Magsaysay tells PNoy

Zambales Rep. Mitos Magsaysay said that the government needs to stop its turtle paced approach to uplifting the economy and see the big picture, following US President Barrack Obama’s more aggressive stance to bring back outsourcing firms to the United States to bring more jobs to Americans.

“The government must be proactive in its stance to ensure that the jobs of 800,000 call center agents in the Philippines remain secure and that outsourcing firms remain happy in their stay here in the Philippines.

However, so far, the government has not been very effective in promoting a strong business environment in the country, letting slip the high cost of electricity and transport which affects their businesses and make them rethink reinvesting in the Philippines.”

Magsaysay further said that the government should brace for the impact of Obama’s move as it will definitely impact the status of employment in the country and affect the livelihood of millions of families who depend on the sector to earn their income.

“Where are the PPPs that the President has promised in his SONA? Where are the investments that he was trumpeting following his trips overseas? So far, it has all been lip service and he cannot use transition as an excuse now because he has been in office for almost two years already. What has his administration managed to accomplish in terms of economic growth? And what has it done in the years since this administration assumed office? So far, nothing, except prosecute those who oppose his administration.”

Magsaysay said that whether or not BPOs will leave the country because of the current state of employment in the United States, the government needs to institute a back up plan for the possible displacement of BPO workers in the country.

“The President’s handling of negative news is atrocious. He seems to be wearing blinders and earmuffs when it comes to receiving unfavorable information. He goes on the defense and dismisses these and does nothing rather

than taking action and becoming more proactive. When the threat becomes a reality, we are left ill equipped to deal with its consequences and it is the Filipino people who suffer.”

“There is a saying in English that it is better to be safe than sorry. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. This means that we should be prepared with countermeasures rather than sit around and wait until we become victims of circumstance. I hope the President understands that it is not just about him but rather the future of the Filipino workforce that is at stake.”#