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Ka Sabas’ 11th book comes out

Robert Alicias, also known as “Ka Sabas” in his tabloid columns, has come out last week with his 11th book entitled, “Remembering My Idols,” a collection of his best columns about his “departed idols” which include Reynaldo Duque, Adrian Cristobal, Benny Peralta, Marcelino Soria, Maximo Soliven, Conrado de Quiros, Nick Joaquin, Godofredo Reyes, Pelagio Alcantara, […]

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Three-time Palanca awardee picks e-readers over social media

MAKATI CITY – How does one develop the discipline to be a writer in this age of social media and blogs? For this three-time Palanca awardee, it has to do with choosing reading over spending time aimlessly scrolling on social media. If you ask his advice to aspiring writers today, it’s to own an e-reader […]

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IN MY EYES: Write and live healthier

Last time around, I wrote about reading and writing. You see, it’s elating to see your name in the bylines of write-ups and photographs, fellas. You may not get rich but being recognized is in the higher level of needs in Abraham Maslow’s pyramid of needs. Experts say writing can improve your life, and make […]

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