The Arm of UNP Candon: Extension

THERE are always exemptions to the rule. The poor are always exempted. They bear the brunt of poverty and nothingness.

It’s a really sorry state to see youngsters loitering around; they are busy engaging themselves in some trivial activities.

They should be in schools, learning the complexity of life. They should be there enhancing their horizons.

But poverty and nothingness prevent them from doing it.

And everybody knows the situation. One striking question I pose is: What should we do to arrest this growing menace? What have they done? (I am referring to those who held the position before the incumbents assume such).

These little brats are not only liabilities of today but also of tomorrow. Lest we want them to destroy also our future, we must do something.

Though it’s never an easy task, to help the poorest of the poor, the UDUs (underprivileged, depressed and undeveloped communities) and the out-of- school youth, is part of the mission of UNP Candon.

That is why, as one of its four pronged thrusts, extension is helping them reach out. Helping them to grow unhampered. Giving them the opportunity to shape their own future.

Oh yeah, this is the real test of an academic institution. Since there are more clientele not attending schools, UNP Candon treks dusty and winding roads looking for the “lost soul.”

A new-found soul, when reoriented and guided, becomes an asset. He becomes a pride and an inspiration to others.

That’s the reason why UNP Candon gives due consideration to the “significant others.” They may not have the means, but only is an end by itself. It must satisfy that need.

This is where its extension services become operational. Competent extensionists, aside from their tasks as faculty members, sacrifice much of their time “harping the string’ so that others may realize that the fiddle is capable of producing good sounds, too.

The ever-smiling faces of these itinerant clients, is a spring of inspiration. Money may not be that abundant, but the satisfaction it leaves to those who commit themselves outweighs more all the goods and treasures of this world.

Training skills are provided; in some instances, it is even one-on-one tutelage. Knowing that the true measure of knowledge is in its application, these extensionists make sure that the ambulatory learners are fully equipped with these skills.

Survival could be a term applied herein. But to teach a person how to make himself self provider is teaching him to live a century.

To not provide his needs today and tomorrow is making him cut short his life on this world. 

With this goal of UNP Candon,   “Engagement in responsive extension services in coordination with NGOs, local government units and national agencies towards the improvement of the community,” our dear Alma Mater will not be shy to announce to the whole world, “we did our part.”

To educate those who come to school is just a mandate. But to clothe with skills those who can’t come is a responsibility.

Let us therefore extend what we know, what we have and what we envision so that others will be radiated.

Then, in the end, we all become happy and prosperous.#