The Goals of UNP Candon

Every entity has a goal. This goal guides the organization in the realization of its cherished interests. When properly illuminated, the goal of any group reflects its identity; its legal personality.

Just like an individual, for him to be on the right track, he must always be guided by his goal in life. What could be the specific ways to accomplish his dreams in life? Are virtues necessary ingredients for a man to succeed? How about important strategies?

Well, a pullback should not be forgotten if someone wishes to evaluate on what aspect he became very strong and needs improvement. Through this, he could re-direct his plan.

For UNP Candon, as its Vision and Mission mandates, there must be a goal. Knowing its imperative significance, the members of the academic community of UNP Candon drafted their own goals, totally different from the goals of the other colleges in UNP Vigan. It’s because UNP Candon has its own distinct interests, needs and academic and legal personality.

The goals of UNP Candon Campus are drawn from its vision and mission. It can’t afford to deviate from what it aspires to achieve. Hence, its goals revolve around the university’s four-pronged mandate.

Let’s take a look at its goals and expound what they mean.

UNP-Candon envisions excellence and relevance for instruction in education, business, arts, computer and health sciences that underscore functional researches, responsive extension services and quality production towards the professional development of graduates for the global digital economy of the 21st century.

Geared towards the development of top caliber, competent, credible and responsive educators, entrepreneurs, artists, secretaries, computer professionals and nurses in a comparative world, UNP Candon endeavors to achieve the following:

1. Accreditation of the different degree programs;

2. Development of managerial competence and leadership skills in the different fields of specialization;

3. Establishment of strong and sustained linkages with educational institutions as well as business industries, health institutions, government and private agencies as partners in the development of students through their on-the-job-trainings;

4. Involvement of students in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities geared towards strengthening of their holistic development;

5. Conduct of functional researches on different areas focused on the promotion of instruction and effective extension and production services;

6. Engagement in responsive extension services in coordination with NGOs, local government units and national agencies towards the improvement of the community;

7. Enhancement of production through full utilization of human and capital intensive resources; and

8. Advancement of technology through modernized computerization.

The drafted goals of UNP Candon are categorically viewed to be very comprehensive. Probably the reason behind this is the offering of various degree and non-degree courses with different thrusts and specialization. Unlike in UNP Vigan, each College offers only similar courses. Candon exists as a campus, not as a college.

The four functions of the university are even transcended in the formulated goals. Along Instruction, the framers did not fail to consider the utmost importance of curricular activities in the development of the students. Likewise, partnerships with other organizations that help train, develop and improve the students’ skills are highlighted.

All in all, these make up UNP Candon: gearing towards excellence and relevance.

    (To be continued)