The humane businessmen

EACH person has a unique business why he struggles in this life. He is a businessman, in whatever sort you call him. Because life is a business, he therefore treats it as a commodity.

And service.

Life has become a tangible thing. Because the most important resource is always anchored on life.

And many people believe it. They make it a priceless matter.

While it is true to many individuals, businessmen still have the heart towards other people. They sympathize with their plight.

And they do simple things to unburden them.

Though many are insensitive, what is important is how to enrich themselves, the satisfaction they derive in every endeavor, the attainment of the pinnacle of success whoever (not whatever) is the cost, still a greater portion of the businessman are pro-people. 

Meaning, they accept and live certain standards that honest-to-goodness life dictates.

In short, they see in themselves the lives of other people. Hence, they do share their blessings, their time, talents, treasure, and above all their lives.

UNP Candon’s BSBA department yearns to achieve the following objectives, to wit:

To provide students with a well-rounded education that includes a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences in order to graduate individuals with a well-rounded personality;

To provide students with a theoretical foundation in the business disciplines, economics, IT and legal and ethical perspectives for decision making;

To train and develop graduate individuals with the ability to analyze and solve complex managerial problems;

To develop in our students an awareness and understanding of the different forces that impact business operations (e.g. Government, labor, geo-political).

The objectives range from school-related to industry-related skills and competencies; from the classroom to the actual world of work; from theory to application.

Likewise, they emanate from awareness to sensitivity, from individualism to collectivity, from general subjects to professional ones.

These, all in all, would create a well rounded-personality along our business-oriented students. Especially so, they major in management. These make them entirely unique; somebody whom the school is proud of.

In the corporate world, management plays a wonderful part in making our community a viable place; a place where work is considered as play. The leveling playground, so they say.

Work for sure, is a play by itself. It is a rewarding enterprise. This even makes us equal. No work means inactivity. Inactivity suggests death.

Hence, work spells life.

Business operations are indeed work-oriented. When students are laid with that foundation, they become business –oriented individuals. Since they are imbued with legal and ethical perspectives, they are no-nonsense businessmen.

Ethics must not be overlooked in the corporate world. Where there are no ethical standards governing business transactions, the society is deemed lifeless.

It’s because life revolves in a spectrum of truth, justice and love.

And that makes business a life industry.

These are the many things that UNP Candon, especially the BSBA department, aspires to achieve: A global businessman with a compassionate heart, an understanding mind and an always dedicated and eager to work hands.#