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The ‘miraculous’ gallstone dissolver

A few weeks ago, while visiting Suero General Hospital (SGH) in Cabugao (I. Sur) town, I learned that one of our colleagues in the media industry was just operated via laparoscopic cholecystectomy. It’s a type of non-open surgery operation where the surgeon makes 3 incisions for 3 string-like apparatus, all equipped with a minute camera connected to a TV screen, are inserted: a camera light, a gripping instrument and a “laser” to cut an object.

“One of your media colleagues is here being operated for his gallstones,” Dr. Diocaesar Suero said.

“Aha, who, Dr?”

“Danny Tajon of DWRS,” he said.

“O yeah, I know him doc. Who operated him?”

“Dr. Camelot Agdeppa.”

We were in that conversation mode when suddenly, a stretcher on wheel came passing by.

“That’s him,” Dr. Suero said. “They’re bringing him back to his room upstairs.”

I was almost tempted to follow the stretcher to see Mang Danny.

  “Oh, you can’t talk to him right now, perhaps maybe only tonight. He has been sedated prior to operation and he is still in a state of deep sleep,” Dr, Suero said.

“Just like my wife last week,” I replied.

  “Oh, yeah,” he said. “You see, Dr. Agdeppa is busy these days operating people with gallstones.”

My wife, too, was operated for gallstones a week ahead than Mang Danny, fellas.

How we discovered she had 2 gallstones the size and shape of a holen was quite amusing.

Last November, my sister-in-law arrived from Abu Dhabi to our abandoned family house in Cabugao. One Saturday, she requested my wife to help her clean the house as she would be staying there for a while.

That Saturday, while they were having a siesta after a sumptuous lunch, my wife decided to use the duyan under the mango tree. She was about to fall asleep when… snap! The rope anchor gave way and she fell hard on the ground, right on a big stone. She fell on her hipbone.

That night, she could not sleep due to pain. She took pain relievers the following days but the pain would not subside.

We decided to have her undergo X-Ray.

The results were negative, fellas: no fractures, no disaligned bone or joint.

“But I can see here two objects which I don’t know,” the physician said. “I think you have to undergo an ultrasound.”

The ultrasound results revealed no organ abnormality. But it revealed 2 stones inside her gall bladder measuring 1.2 cm and 1.4 cm respectively.

She had gall bladder stones!

“Gallstones are hardened cholesterol, prone to people, especially women, who are 40 years old and above, obese, and regularly dieting on food with high in fats,” he said.

Can a person live normally after her gall bladder is removed?

“Fortunately, you can live without your gallbladder. Living without a gallbladder does not require a change in diet.

When the gallbladder is gone, bile flows directly from the liver into the small intestines. Because there is nowhere to store bile, sometimes bile flows into the intestine when it is not needed. This does not cause a problem for most people, but causes mild diarrhea in about 1% of patient,” he said.

Dr. Suero suggested she be operated via laparoscopic cholecystectomy to remove her gall bladder.

“This is better than open surgery so she can go home in one or two days after the operation’” he said.

Since Christmas season was nearing then, we decided she would have the operations the following month. Then I came across an organic, alkaline medicinal tea, a type of Euroherbal tea that promises it will dissolve gallstones. I met the ads in FB and immediately, I ordered a box online. It cost around P1000 including the shipping fee. It arrived a week later. The box contained 3 mini-boxes apiece with each mini-box containing 20 teabags.

My wife religiously drank the tea as instructed, (drinking it 3 times a day for one week) hoping that her gallstones would dissolve. She consumed the box hoping that her gallstones would “miraculously” dissolve as advertised. Prior to her total “clearance examination” to determine if she was fit for operation, we decided to have her undergo another ultrasound.

Do you think the “organic, alkaline” Euroherbal tea work, fellas?

Her second ultrasound revealed her gallstones grew bigger from 1.2 cm to 1.4 cm and the other one from 1.4 cm to 1.75 cm! In other words, the “miraculous” Euroherbal tea which was advertised in FB “miraculously” nourished the gall stones so they grew bigger!

So, we proceeded to have her laparascopic cholecystectomy as scheduled, fellas. She was sedated to sleep and injected with anesthesia and when she woke, she was already one organ less. The operation was exactly one hour and 15 minutes. I was called to the operating room to witness how her surgeon would incise to open her gall bladder. And there, I saw her two holen-big gallstones.

The only difficult part of the operation was when she was regaining her consciousness. When the anesthesia effect faded away, she felt an excruciating abdominal pain, “more painful that giving birth” as she described it. She felt so very dizzy that she vomited her own bile for an hour. The nurse had to inject her with anti-vomiting drug and a sedative to keep her calm. After that, she fell into a deep sleep for 5 hours. When she woke up, she felt better.

The following morning, she could get up and walk to the bathroom. From there, she started to recover.

So what did I do with the remaining two Euroherbal “miracle” tea?

Because it says it can cure arthritis, diabetes and other ailments as well as it can lower cholesterol level, I decided to gulp the remaining teabags. I was observing this rheuma-like pain in my left heel these days, fellas, hoping it would be cured by the “miracle” tea. But after 7 days of evening tea-drinking activity, the pain is still there, did not subside a bit.

My conclusion?

It’s not a miracle, organic or alkaline Euroherbal tea as advertised, fellas.

It’s a “miracle” business.