The replica of the human mind

OUR WORLD today is governed by computers, the replica of the human mind.

The most influential tool now is the internet, millions of gray matter combined together.

Ironically, it could be found in just one place; any place wherever you are. You may be in the States, or in India, in Africa, in an impoverished country like ours, as long as you have that significant connection, you could now penetrate the minds of any race, creed, philosophy and others.

It’s very perplexing to note that the human mind had invented such kind of access. An outlet to linkages; a superhighway of ideas and information.

In just one click, in just a matter of split second, the message has been sent to the recipient. And the action starts at once.

The flow is unhampered, the heat goes on and the blessings continue to come. For the benefit of one and for the disdain (?) of many.

Why did I say that?

Who, in you own assessment, owns the biggest electronic network? Who controls the people working for that corporation?

How are the A-1 information accessed? Who greatly use them? For whom the havoc is targeted?

Well, that’s global. We can’t compete with the great powers. The bear, the lion, the eagle, the tiger and others.

So, let’s go back to the parochial setting. Our very own place. The not so-important habitat.

Provincial-wise, we have already, as reported, opened a website through the initiative and efforts of our incumbent governor, the amiable and generous DV Savellano. Perhaps, the good governor sees how important this technology is in the survival of our province in terms of political, social and economic pursuits.

Connecting our country to the world is making us productive. And visible. 

Aren’t you irked if in your attempt to chat with other people, they perennially ask you? “Where on earth can you locate the Philippines?”

“Is there such a country?”

Or worse, “Has technology reached your shores already?”

I just don’t know if you, as a reader and internet user, had already experienced this. How did you respond to such situation? Did you tell them frankly that we are a country of computer literate and ignoble hackers?

On the part of  UNP Candon, part of its vision is the advancement of Communication and Information Technology. That’s why a new curricular offering was born almost a decade ago. This is how our campus anticipates the boom and impact of this Comm and IT explosion.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is the fastest growing course in UNP Candon. It could be attributed to its efficient and dedicated faculty; the facilities and programs offered. Most especially, the objectives of this program which are as follows:

The program is designed to help in the computer literacy program of the province

Equip the clientele with the knowledge and skills of computer operations and computer systems to make them more efficient in computer software applications and in computer programming and more effective teachers in computer education;

Deepen their understanding and appreciation on the use of computer and computer software applications as an offshoot of modern technology;

Appreciate the importance of computer and information technology in the field of education, business and in their daily lives; and

Support the current thrusts of the government to enhance people empowerment and global competitiveness.

In a capsule, this program envisions collaboration, expertise and world-class excellence among its graduates and other linkages.

This provokes people in constant awe that the computer is the replica of the human mind.#