The walking dead

In My Eyes: By Edward Antonio

When I bought the book “The World’s Greatest Psychics and Mystics,” and read its contents, my outlook on the other side of life was changed forever. This little treasure published by Hamlyn Books is so mystifying that I was able to collect a dozen of its “The World’s Greatest…” series..

The serial books deal with a lot of interesting topics such as The World’s Greatest Mistakes, Serial Killers, Spy and Spymasters, Trials, Political Scandals etc. It’s in “The World’s Greatest Political Scandals” where I read that Madame Imelda Marcos was once linked with the late Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr., how he loved her when they were still young, and how the elite Aquino family of Tarlac spurned her because she came from so-so roots.

Well, that would be another story, fellas.

I always believe we have a soul, a spirit.

Although I am a bit free thinker and a science-believer who thinks “there’s nothing there until I see, feel, hear or smell it”, my mystic belief in the other world where spirits dwell became stronger after reading the book, although I profess I have not seen any ghost.

One particular story that bolstered my belief is the story of my wife’s grandpa, Sitong, (blessed be his soul), who, before he died some years back, “died” earlier to tell his story.

Tang Sitong was about 75 when he succumbed to complications. For about 7 hours, he literally died with his housemates swearing he was already cold and no longer had heartbeat in that span of hours. Tang Sitong said he saw his body when he died and also saw his wife and children all gathered around in what seemed to be his resemblance, all of them weeping. For several hours, he stayed with them, and finally, he was urged to go back and lie down with the body. Tang Sitong recovered and he lived a few years more.

In the book “The World’s Greatest Psychics and Mystics,” one of the people mentioned here touched me so deeply and that I had goosebumps after reading her story.

Doris Dokes was born in England across the same road from Margaret Thatcher. Her father, Sam, was a sensitive man, and probably a natural psychic, whom she thought, she inherited.One night, there was a terrible fire across the street where the family lived. Her parents, hearing that the fire started in the house of Tom, a family friend, rushed out to see if they could help. Excited and curious, the young Doris could not sleep. She slipped a coat over her nightie and followed them. Crowds were gathered in the street.

She craned her neck just in time to see a terribly burnt shape being carried out of the house on a stretcher, all that was left of Tom. She stared, terrified but fascinated, then, lifting her eyes from the stretcher, she saw something else that made her to freeze. Tom was walking beside his body, real and solid-looking, not a hair burnt!

Sam suddenly saw her daughter, clipped her smartly round the ear and sent her home to bed. She was still sobbing with fright when he came home. She described what she saw and he realized that night her daughter was going to be different from other girls.

Tang Sitong’s story was replicated in one of those true-to-life TV features where a priest, prior to becoming one, met a car accident when somebody stoned his car and the rock hit his head. He felt the pain, then blacked out. In a moment, he saw his body seated behind the driver’s seat, all bloodied, and his friend, who sat beside him unscathed, attending to him, crying and yelling for help.

The soon-to-be priest said he felt no pain.

“I felt peace within me, no pain, no problem and I liked that feeling, but suddenly, I was ordered to sit on my body, and all the pain returned!” he said.

Since becoming a priest, he has dedicated his life to serve others and vowed to spend all his life doing so in righteousness. Are there really people who are gifted, fellas?

I believe so.

You can find lots of them in “The World’s Greatest Psychics and Mystics.”

Some of those mentioned are the stories of Jeane Dixon who saw the assassination of John F. Kennedy, warned the people around him and even the president not to go to Dallas on that fateful day, but they paid no ears. She also saw the death of Sen. Robert Kennedy.

Other prominent mystic people mentioned in the book are Bernadette, Nostradamus, Joan of Arc, Rose Gladden, Uri Geller and the famous Sai Baba, Conan Doyle and The Maharashi.

It also mentions the truthfulness of reincarnation, stigmatas, seers, mediums, visionaries and clairvoyance.

Am I too mystic, fellas?

Sometimes it pays to be especially when you realize we are growing older and there’s nothing more to experience in this world except doing good to others and making this world a better place to live in for the next generation. That would be nurturing our souls to get ready for that life beyond.

Who knows someday, when we shall have become spirits ourselves, we will also appear to some people dear to us and make signs there really is life beyond death.

And we will all go there.#